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5,14 €
Cyclon Super Sgrassatore Ultra Rapido: risciacquo con una sola passata. È indicato per la pulizia quotidiana delle superfici lavabili di bagno, cucina e di tutti gli ambienti interni della casa. Si risciacqua...
16,90 €
Abmessungen: 140 x Durchmesser 2.2Ersatzgriffe für Scherenbesen leicht austauschbar.Für die professionelle industrielle Reinigung, ideal für große Flächen.140 cm Eisengriff - PVC-Knöpfe
44,00 €
100% recyclable, totally disposable, cheap and practical, embossed; it reaches levels of extreme toughness and reliability. Color Black. Measurements: Spool 2000 mt. Strapping band width 15 mm Strapping band thickness...
5,83 €
Adesivo a contatto universale ad alta resistenza al calore. Incolla laminati plastici, linoleum, sughero, gomma, spugna, finta pelle telata su legno, truciolare, compensato, metallo, muratura, vetroresina. Adesivo a...
73,00 €
KOR-LOK 132 Indicato per incollaggio di legno su legno, per lavori di assemblaggio e falegnameria con presse a caldo o a freddo.  Indicato per incollaggio di legni teneri e duri tramite alta frequenza (HF). Confezioni...
5,50 €
Adesivo specifico per gomma e tessuti gommati. Ideale per gomma e tessuti gommati, tra loro e con metalli, cuoio, legno, ceramica, vetroresina.
7,36 €
Adesivo universale a contatto Bostik Superchiaro Gel, resistente ad alte temperature (circa 90°C) Disponibile nei formati da 400 ml, 850 ml, 1800 ml, 3750 ml
18,99 €
Cutting oil to promote cutting, drilling, threading, taping, milling, turning, broaching and all particularly heavy-duty swarf removal operations on highly alloyed steel, nodular cast iron, stainless steel. With...
10,99 €
Banda rinforzante  per impermeabilizzare, usata in combinazione con Bostik gomma liquida, questa banda riempie crepe, spazi e fessure e vi aiuta a stendere il prodotto in maniera ottimale. Rotolo 10cmx10mt
4,01 €
Klebeband: 1,5 m x 19 mm in Blister Produktbeschreibung Extra starkes doppelseitiges Klebeband, vollständig transparent, zur Montage und dauerhaften Befestigung von Gegenständen im Innen- und Außenbereich. Die...
15,38 €
Adesivo poliuretanico per costruzioni universale, forte e rapido, a base poliuretanica. Ideale per incollaggi strutturali in Edilizia Disponibile nei formati da 340 gr (trasparente)        express 5 min 390 gr (Beige)
7,16 €
Waterproofing for sealing, 750% permanent elasticity, protections and repairs 100% impermeable to air and water, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications: waterproofing in...
5,55 €
Duration and extreme resistance in any condition to UV and water resistant, is torn with hands in both directions, high resistance to traction thanks to the technology in PE and extruded to a dense texture.Roll 10 -...
5,55 €
Duration and extreme resistance in any condition to UV and water resistant, is torn with hands in both directions, high resistance to traction thanks to the technology in PE and extruded to a dense texture.Roll 10 -...
6,25 €
Bostik Legno Max is a glue for wooden constructions based on a unique SMP technology; waterproof (standard D4) and more resistant than wood. For bonding between wood and wood and with almost all building materials....
5,19 €
Bostik Puli-Pro Desinfektionsentkalker ist ein extrem starkes und konzentriertes Schaumspray zur einfachen Entfernung von Kalk (auch hartnäckig). Anwendungsgebiete Geeignet für den Einsatz im Badezimmer, für...
4,90 €
Das Bostik Puli-Pro Desinfektionsbad ist ein äußerst kraftvolles und konzentriertes Spray zur einfachen Reinigung von Badezimmern und Toiletten. Anwendungsgebiete - Geeignet für die Verwendung in Badezimmern,...
7,15 €
Der Bostik Puli-Pro Super Forte Entfetter ist ein extrem starkes und konzentriertes Schaumspray, das speziell für die Reinigung von Grills, Öfen und Grills entwickelt wurde. Anwendungsgebiete Geeignet zum Reinigen von...
20,00 €
Makes possible difficult bonding in just 10 seconds. Perfect for gluing and assembling almost all materials, such as wood, chipboard, MDF, rubber, metal, glass, ceramics and many plastics. Ideal for fast finish of...
1,77 €
Ultra-fast and super strong cyanoacrylate adhesive with a special Anti-drip System: the desired amount of glue can be easily applied thanks to the "controlled drop" effect. It does not drip and the Anti-drip System...
1,99 €
Instant and invisible adhesive. Ideal for bonding porous materials, ceramics, porcelain, metals, hard stones, rubber, wood, plastics (excluding polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE) and leather. It does not drip. Can...
2,99 €
Instant and super strong universal adhesive. Transparent. Ideal for ceramics, porcelain, metal, plastic materials (eg PVC, ABS), leather, rubber, wood and cardboard. 3 single-dose and anti-waste 1g packs, ideal for...
3,60 €
Instant and invisible glue. Ideal for instantly gluing ceramic, metals, hard stones, leather, leather, plastic (with the exception of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PTFE), wood, rubber, paper. Ideal for repairing...
6,80 €
 BINDAN-RS B2/D2 è fornita nei formati da: 100 gr blister e base, 250 gr, 500 gr, 600 gr, 800 gr, 1 Kg, 2,5 Kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 Kg, 150Kg. Bindan RS è una colla vinilica B2 rapidissima, pura, priva di cariche e...
5,76 €
Colla vinilica rapida (3-5 minuti). Ideale per l’incollaggio di legni duri e teneri, laminati plastici su legno, impiallacciature, compensati e materiali porosi. Resistente all’umidità: conforme alla norma EN 204 D2....
6,26 €
Colla vinilica resistente all’acqua: conforme alla norma EN 204 D3. Senza solventi. Adatta sia per interni che per esterni e per incollaggi che richiedono una grande resistenza all’umidità. Ideale per incollaggi di...
6,00 €
The liquid is not greasy and protects wires from ageing; the high viscous gel is used for long sections of telephone or optical fibre cables. Gel does not oxidize, does not form mold, and is electrically...
1,00 €
It is characterised by high elasticity and resistance to abrasion, acids and corrosion. It is self-extinguishing, flame-retardant and offers excellent performance with operating temperatures ranging up to 80 °C. It...
13,90 €
The immediate use with injection, auto-levelling and reenterability make this product very flexible in every application, even in areas with difficult access. Available colors: Transparent Format 300 ml
7,50 €
Handwashing cream with Vegetable Microspheres for professional use. Extreme cleaning strength, eliminates the smells Soft, smooth and polished hands ph 5.5 125 washes
6,78 €
Cyclon Lavamani Liquido al Limone. Grazie alla sua formulazione, unisce ad un’azione efficace di rimozione dello sporco più ostinato, la delicatezza sulle mani. Utilissimo in cucina per rimuovere dalle mani gli odori...
5,14 €
Cyclon Super Sgrassatore Professionale. Con la forza sgrassante del limone è̀ indicato per rimuovere efficacemente lo sporco e il grasso più resistente da ogni tipo di superficie e materiale. Ideale per esterni,...
19,90 €
Abmessungen: 95 x 20 x 8Ersatzkissen für Scherenbesen. Sie bestehen aus robustem und widerstandsfähigem Metall und garantieren bei jedem Gebrauch eine lange Lebensdauer und hohe Leistung.
13,80 €
Professional Hot-melt Glue 1 kg in stick for gluing guns in various colors, (red, yellow, green, blue, black). Suitable for use with colored supports, or where a specific color is called for. Base in ethylene-vinyl...
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