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Messer + Spitzer, Klinge cm. 25


Messer + Spitzer
Maße: Klinge cm. 25

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Selbsttragende Schutzbarriere aus transparentem Kunststoff mit Stützfuß Die Barriere dient als Bildschirm und hat eine Größe von: Breite 75 cm Plattenhöhe 65 cm untere Öffnung 15 cm Gesamthöhe 80 cm
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Terrakotta-Auflauf mit 2 Griffen, typisch für die italienische und abruzzesische TraditionIdeal für langsames, gleichmäßiges und allmähliches Kochen, da Terrakotta dem Essen seinen natürlichen Geschmack verleiht. Es...
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Kit for extending the diameter of TwinBlade 115 blades from 115 to 155 mm, bringing the useful cutting height from 25 to 45 mm. Kit consisting of a pair of 155 mm blades and a double crankcase to replace the original...
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Twin 115 mm replacement pair of diamond blades for STRIKE double-counter rotating blades. Cutting stability, without burrs No Gyroscope effect (more security) Total or partial cancellation of the forces that tend to...
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Virutex EP70P Door lifter Ideal for taking out heavy or light doors in an easy way. Its design allows to turn the tool to both sides, making easier the extraction of the door. Furthermore the frontal part is...
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The SURFIX oil dispenser makes oil application clean, fast and ergonomic – and significantly more economical than using a brush or cloth. Outdoor for all woods in external areas, e.g. teak and garden furniture,...
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Klein Lifting clamp SPP060047 The lifting clamp facilitates the handling and trasport of large panels. It features an anatomic wooden grip and rubber covered eccentric jaws. Thickness range: Min. 10 mm - Max 65 mm
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Drehschraubstock aus Gusseisen, Öffnung 60 mm, Backenbreite 50 mm, Tiefe 30 mm EIGENSCHAFTEN Kiefer gezeigt Klemmbefestigung
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For trimming all types of thin laminates, thin veneers and edge banding. One side cuts straight while the other side can be adjusted for a tapered cut. Threaded metal inserts for repeated adjustments. Cutting from...
Pistola silicone Tajima Convoy Super
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Pistola per cartucce silicone standard TAJIMA CONVOY SUPER Extra robusta, con sistema di arresto automatico di spinta (per evitare fuoriuscite di silicone una volta rilasciato il grilletto).
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Designed for the repair of just one diameter, available M3x50, M4x70 and M5x80 Contains: 1 tool for application, 1 Machine Tap for support thread and 6 spring inserts 1,5d Other items on request.
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Thanks to its unique Multi-Nozzle, the RP40 MULTI Hand Riveter can be operated without nozzle changes. This means fewer interruptions and optimal results when working with any kind of sheet metal job. The RP40 MULTI...
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Set di Giraviti di precisione con lama in ceramica comprendenti: Serie 270,2 cacciaviti per viti con testa ad intaglio 0,9 x 15/2,6 x 15  Serie 271,1 cacciavite Phillips ad intaglio a croce 0 x 15 
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Chip carving and relief work, statues, mouldings and profiles Strictly forged by hand, thus achieving the highest quality Manual water sharpening Heat treatment: TSV tempering to obtain a hardness of 58:60 HRC Fine...
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NEMESIS guarantees excellent performance both on mansory and reinforced concrete, this is due to the constructional features that allow better drilling and increased dust removal speed and reduced vibration...
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Schwerer Doppelschlüssel, Sechskantöffnungen, Querlöcher, Gehäuse aus Chrom-Vanadium-Stahl, poliert. Schlüsselgröße: 6x7 - 8x9 - 10x11 - 12x13 - 14x15 - 16x17 - 18x19 - 20x22 mm Schlüssellänge: von 105 bis 170 mm...
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1/2" PVC-Schlauch - Algen- und UV-Schutz - Ausgestattet mit hochfester Polyester-Gewebeverstärkung - Verstellbare Metallwandhalterung, Verlängerung für Hahnanschluss 2 mt, stoßfeste Kunststofftrommel.
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PCL-3 MECHANISCHER MARKIERER FÜR TIEFE LÖCHER - Spitzenlänge 45 mm (Ø5,7 mm), um schwer zugängliche Stellen markieren zu können. - Taste für automatisches Vorschieben des Bleis mit integriertem Bleischärfer. -...
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Non-slip anatomical handle. Double-edged steel blade. Possibility to store an extra blade in the body. Available: 0-28-616: Width 25 mm, Length 155 mm 0-28-617: Width 38 mm, Length 180 mm 0-28-619: Width 64 mm,...
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Typical brings Arrosticini Pitcher.Made of terracotta in Abruzzo. It allows to keep the arrosticini hot, that is to be eaten just after it has come out of charcoal cooking. Size: Diameter 13,5 cm Height 20 cm It...
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