Faren-Farmicol chemical industries Ltd.

Faren-Farmicol chemical industries Ltd.

Petrochemical group with diversified production of lubricants, technical sprays, detergents, etc.

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32,70 € tax excl.
Lubricant and Coolant which disperses in water creates a milky stable emulsion. Mineral base, ideal for medium works A base mineral, ideal for medium  duty-work on ferrous and not ferrous materials. Packaging: 5000 ml
4,43 € tax excl.
Effective against all types of grease and dirt on any surface, metal, plastics, including fabrics. Specific to clean: Sneakers - Overhalls - Car fabric interiors - Carpets and rugs. Packaging: 750 ml
4,51 € tax excl.
Eliminates limescale and oxidation on bathroom taps and tiles. Cleans and polishes chrome, mirror finish stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze. Ideal to clean and demist shower enclosures. Packaging: 750 ml
4,92 € tax excl.
Lubricant for use in processes that envisage “the possible accidental contact with food” according to the requisites set by the F.D.A. regulations. It complies with the specifications of the Italian Official...
3,25 € tax excl.
For LPG, Methane, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, CO2, Helium, Argon systems, etc. Also detects leaks in vertical and horizontal pipes at high temperatures. Packaging: 400 ml
4,26 € tax excl.
Degreases, deoxidizes any electric, electronic product, such as: electric control panels, relays, remote control switches, terminal boards, printed boards, integrated circuits, etc. Ideal for Potentiometers; the light...
4,75 € tax excl.
F200 is concentrated and completely resolves the problem without leaving any lime scale residue after treatment. It does not damage or deform plastic or rubber parts and components. Packaging: 1000 ml
2,87 € tax excl.
Acrylic paint with excellent adhesion on metals and used as Primer on plastics, wood and ceramics. Metric yield: 2mq/400ml spray. Resists temperatures of 130°C. Colours: Grey Packaging: 400 ml
1,84 € tax excl.
Indelible paint marker pens. Universal, can be used on any surface. Medium point bullet. The fibres of the tips determine the quality and do not fray over time. The pen stroke remains clear and unaltered and the...
6,49 € tax excl.
Natural desodorizer. It's a concentrated formula at neutral pH rich in natural extracts derived from plants, flowers and roots, completely harmless to people and animals. Eliminate any bad smell by contact from: Waste...
4,84 € tax excl.
Guarantees perfect lubrication and anticorrosive protection over time. It resists the washing action even of salty water. Perfect mechanical stability even in the presence of vibrations. Resists temperatures up to...
5,16 € tax excl.
Specific for cutting, threading and tapping operations. Ensures continual lubrication if sprayed along the cutting wire. Applied to the surface, it remains adhesive to ensure heat dispersion and prevent the tool from...
4,71 € tax excl.
Over 98% pure, micronised, lamellar, zinc-based and mixed with lamellar aluminium powder (to give the light colour). Guarantees longlasting protection against corrosion and oxidation, even externally. Resistance: 600...
5,74 € tax excl.
Guarantees perfect cleaning and sanitization against the main bacteria in rooms with air conditioning. It lasts from a minimum of 10 up to 45 days. For civil air conditioners - automotive - filters and splits. It does...
6,49 € tax excl.
Formulated with enzymatic biological activators and desodorizers of vegetable nature (extracted from plants, roots, flowers) with a very high concentration for cleaning and reclamation of all drains, pipes, septic and...
2,37 € tax excl.
Acrylic paint that protects over time metal surfaces from oxidation and rust. It's over paintable with the original colors. Its coverage is guaranteed against atmospheric agents both for interiors and exteriors....
2,79 € tax excl.
White cream paste handwash for professional use. Specific for heavily soiled hands. TWO products in ONE: Exceptional Handwash + Protective cream. With selected abrasives that do not clog drains. Scented with pH 8.5 ....
Tracer Marker Acrylic Spray Faren TRACCIANTI8V Tracer Marker Acrylic Spray Faren TRACCIANTI8V
5,74 € tax excl.
Special acrylic-based paint for 360° markings. Usable in the construction field, in electrical and hydraulic plant engineering for tracing the subsequent positioning of pipes, ducts, cables. Fast drying, good...
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