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Anti-fire system without maintenance Proteng® system


Gas fire extinguishing system without maintenance

PROTENG IT Protects closed PC space - UPC - Server - etc
PROTENG ELECTRO protects electrical and electronic equipment
PROTENG ENGINE Protects the Closed Space of Automotive Engines
PROTENG AGRO TIR Protects Engine Closed Engine Carrier - Bus - Agricultural Machinery - Heavy Equipment

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Features and Benefits of the Extinguishing System:

  • Auto-activate and does not require the presence of an operator
  • It consists of substances without any corrosive and / or destructive effect on metals, plastics and electrical devices.
  • Its chemical composition is not harmful to human and animal health
  • It does not require any maintenance and review check
  • Easily installable and is always active
  • Extinguishes fire at source
  • Reliability and effectiveness are the most cost-effective fire extinguishing system in the world

24 months warranty
Product life 5 years
TUV - ISO 9001: 2015 certified product

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