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26,23 €
26,23 € tax excl.
Blindino MAYA1 in alluminio con sblocco elettrofreno e serratura europea per dispositivi di automazione VDS Dimensioni: Profondità 44 mm Larghezza 133 mm Altezza 80 mm
5,73 €
5,73 € tax excl.
FEATURES: Material: Plastic Color/surface: Black Nominal voltage: 100-240 Type of voltage: Alternating voltage Cable section: 1.5 Connection of electric current: with CEE 7/7 power supply socket
6,80 €
6,80 € tax excl.
FEATURES: Material: Plastic Color/surface: RAL 7035 light gray Nominal voltage: 24 Type of voltage: Continuous voltage Cable section: 1.5 Connection of electric current: Piercing (metal tips) Only for freezers...
24,51 €
24,51 € tax excl.
Para baterías de plomo (GEL, AGM, WET) - Función de mantenimiento de carga - LED de señal de carga y fin de carga - Protección contra sobrecargas e inversión de polaridad - Cuerpo en material ignífugo - Proporcionado...
35,25 €
35,25 € tax excl.
Para baterías de plomo (GEL, AGM, WET) - Funciones: carga lenta, rápida, mantenedor de carga - Protección contra sobrecargas y polaridad inversa - Cuerpo en material ignífugo - Grado de protección IP65.
35,98 €
35,98 € tax excl.
LCD display, when the arm is extended the angle it makes with the base is indicated clearly on digital read-out to the nearest 0,05°. The measuring range is 0 - 360°. The vials allow variations from the vertical and...
4,92 €
4,92 € tax excl.
The liquid is not greasy and protects wires from ageing; the high viscous gel is used for long sections of telephone or optical fibre cables. Gel does not oxidize, does not form mold, and is electrically...
16,31 €
16,31 € tax excl.
The immediate use with injection, auto-levelling and reenterability make this product very flexible in every application, even in areas with difficult access. Available colors: Transparent Format 300 ml
31,07 €
31,07 € tax excl.
IFR V09 is a PIR sensor with switch function. IFR V09 can be used with all lighting devices. Switching on and switching off of the IFR V09 connected devices takes place through detection of the changes in tempe...
41,00 €
41,00 € tax excl.
CAPSENS FW 2.0 is a special capacitive, white color, electronic switch designed to be applied at the rear of surfaces such as, for example, wood, plastic, glass and other non-metallic materials, both opaque and...
21,31 €
21,31 € tax excl.
TOUCH ME FW is a special TouchLed switch, aluminum color, designed for switching on and off and adjusting light intensity with just one touch. Configured to control both 12Vdc and 24Vdc LED luminaires.
27,62 €
27,62 € tax excl.
Undercabinet led panel TITAN colour appearance natural white with wide projection 6W 4000K Without switch Led power supply NOT INCLUDED to be ordered separately
71,27 €
71,27 € tax excl.
LED Strip FLEXYLED SE H4, IP44 - 12W/m 4000K, natural white, it is designed for recessed installation in a groove only 4mm wide and 10mm deep with panel wire. Available in 3 pre-cabled modules(120 LED/meter) 1000,...
13,85 €
13,85 € tax excl.
Colore: Bianco Soluzione universale economica e di ampia applicazione per tutti I tipi di locali: per la casa, ufficio, edifici civili, alberghi, ristoranti. Basso consumo di energia. I prodotti Led consumano 10 volte...
17,60 €
17,60 € tax excl.
Foco SMALLY XS PLUS 24 LED 3W 3000K, para instalación empotrada en balda de madera. DESCRIPCIÓN: Diseñado para instalación empotrada para un agujero de 57 mm y una profundidad de solo 12 mm Tecnología sin efecto...
25,40 €
25,40 € tax excl.
UNIKA D-MOTION es una luminaria con fuente de luz perimetral integrada en un soporte inclinado 15°, que se instala bajo el mueble alto de cocina apoyado en el respaldo. Sin interruptor. DESCRIPCIÓN: Materiales...
114,67 €
114,67 € tax excl.
Color: Gray-Black Decorative exterior lighting 220V 100W 4200K for commercial and industrial buildings, parks, stadiums, car parks and construction adverts.
20,08 €
20,08 € tax excl.
Fuente de alimentación SNP15-12VF-1 15W 12V. DESCRIPCIÓN: Entrada: 230Vac Salida: 12Vcc Carga: 1-15W Sistema de conexión: Micro12 Fuente de alimentación: cable de 2000 mm Salida: cable de 500 mm con...
15,49 €
15,49 € tax excl.
Fuente de alimentación SNP15-12VF-1, 15W 12V, recomendada para Foco led de serie: SMALLY PLUS, DATE y PASSEPARTOUT DESCRIPCIÓN: Primario 230Vac Secundario 12Vdc Carga 15W Sistema de conexión Micro12 Cableado...
15,60 €
15,60 € tax excl.
Fuente de alimentación SNP15-24VF-1, 15W 24V, recomendada para Foco led de serie: POLAR (máximo 3 focos), UNIKA y Tira led FLEXYLED AT6 DESCRIPCIÓN: Primario 230Vac Secundario 24Vdc Carga 15W Sistema de...
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