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Lubricant and Coolant which disperses in water creates a milky stable emulsion. Mineral base, ideal for medium works A base mineral, ideal for medium  duty-work on ferrous and not ferrous materials. Packaging: 5000 ml
5,80 €
Lubricant for use in processes that envisage “the possible accidental contact with food” according to the requisites set by the F.D.A. regulations. It complies with the specifications of the Italian Official...
5,90 €
Guarantees perfect lubrication and anticorrosive protection over time. It resists the washing action even of salty water. Perfect mechanical stability even in the presence of vibrations. Resists temperatures up to...
6,30 €
Specific for cutting, threading and tapping operations. Ensures continual lubrication if sprayed along the cutting wire. Applied to the surface, it remains adhesive to ensure heat dispersion and prevent the tool from...
6,15 €
Excellent in preventing grinding and squeaking noises. Offers water repellent protection, even on rubber fabrics. Antioxidant for metal and steel. Odourless and colourless. Also suitable for use in food industries. It...
5,99 €
Lubricates without staining and does not blend with dust. Increases smoothness, counteracts friction. Repels humidity from any surface. It has numerous fields of application, such as lubricant, protective or...
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Svita, proteggi, lubrifica con spray HL BardahlProtegge da carichi estremi e dall'usuraLubrifica ed elimina rumori e cigoliiAzione anti-ruggine e anti-corrosioneProtegge nel tempo i componenti e le superfici...
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WD-40 Multifunction product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates and lubricates locked in parts, deletes and protects any surface moisture. Even removes grease, tar and glue from any non-porous surface.
Svitol pulitore contatti 400ml Svitol pulitore contatti 400ml
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Pulitore e protettivo specifico per contatti elettrici ed elettronica  Protegge dall'ossidazione e dall'umidità Disossida e riattiva i contatti ossidati Sicuro su plastiche, mettalli e gomma Sgrassatore per...
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