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126,00 €
Eigenschaften: Duale Arbeitshöhe (620/800mm) für eine flexible Verwendung des Produkts je nach Nutzer oder Anwendung; z.B. Werkbank, Schraubstock oder Sägebock Die flexible, kippbare Klemmbacke erlaubt vertikales...
23,90 €
Stahlklinge mit ergonomischem Holzgriff nachschärfen. Spitzenform: Rund 15 mm, konvex 10 mm, abgewinkelt 14 mm, abgewinkelt 14 mm und 15 mm. Klingenbreite 14 mm Gesamtlänge 360 mm
4,90 €
PCL-3C GRAPHIT UND PASTELMINE 2 Stück Graphit - 2 Stück Gelb - 2 Stück Rot   IDEAL FÜR: Kunststoffe, Keramik, Glas, Papier, Holz, Laminate, Baustoffe, künstliche Steine ​​und Steine, Metalle und Nichteisenmetalle.
22,07 €
Die casting for normal use (hand thread), size 15 in high strength steelWith fixing and adjustment screws (size 0 - 1 - 2 with 2 screws) For dies Ø x thickness mm, as shown in the table. Measures looks image.
18,50 €
Analoger Messschieber, Stahlkörper, fünfzigste Ablesung. Interne, externe und Tiefenmessungen. Ausgüsse 40 mm Öffnung 0-152 mm Stange 3x16 mm
850,00 €
Pair of hand axe + mallet valuable tools present in the old joinery. Equipped with a wooden frame for exposition. Dimensions: Length hand axe 41 cm Head Length hand axe 14,5 cm Length mallet 35 cm Head mallet 12x8 cm...
40,80 €
For the clamping of frames, polygonal joints or closed profiles, for which the tightening operation is difficult with the normal clamps. It has a universal use, for wood, plastic, but also metals. Technical data:...
22,30 €
Magnesium lever clamp with quick, light and delicate clamping. Ideal for assembly work or for simultaneous use of multiple clamps. With serrated VIBRAFIX mechanism, clamping force of 1200 N which can be actuated with...
222,10 €
For clamping and positioning components with a smooth surface, such as ceramic, granite, Corian, plastic, sheet metal and glass, which require low clamping forces (up to 260 N). Q Cam lever to compensate for...
33,90 €
Professionelle Blaspistole. Progressives Abgabeventil mit Edelstahlfeder Lufteinlass: M 1/4 ”mit FF-Schwenkanschluss Körper: Hostaform C® Lauf: 1 m faltbar in formbarem Kupfer Arbeitsdruck: 1,0 - 6,0 bar
39,90 €
Cesoia in acciaio speciale, con manici rivestiti in resina termoplastica Fermo di bloccaggio per la chiusura, NON adatte per tagliare metalli Tipo per cornici e canaline
14,90 €
Lame in acciaio inossidabile, corpo in resina sintetica, con manici per tagli continui su lamiera di acciaio inossidabile fino a 0,4 mm, rame 0,6 mm, alluminio 0,7 mm ed anche reti in resina sintetica, materiali...
24,00 €
Adatta per tagli passanti diritti e sagomati delle lamiere, lame con microdentatura per evitare lo slittamento, disponibile per taglio destro D27A e sinistro D27AL (verso di taglio visibile nell'immagine). Dati...
19,00 €
Cinghia con cricchetto e guaina Einhell 6x25 Dati tecnici : -2 cinghie 6m x 25mm -Cricchetto in acciaio  -Cinghia con guaina morbida per protezione contro graffi  -Certificato TUV/GS (LC 250 / 500 daN) (kg) -Nastro di...
37,90 €
LCD display, when the arm is extended the angle it makes with the base is indicated clearly on digital read-out to the nearest 0,05°. The measuring range is 0 - 360°. The vials allow variations from the vertical and...
20,00 €
Coltello da prosciutto ricavato tagliando lamiere dei migliori acciai tedeschi della serie 440 con manico anatomico in materiale plastico antiscivolo. 
28,00 €
Cuffia Peltor Optime II Le cuffie auricolari sono indicate in caso di livelli di rumore con frequenze da basse a medie. Gli anelli di tenuta sono imbottiti con una combinazione esclusiva di liquido e schiuma. Ne...
7,90 €
Questo taglierino consente posizioni illimitate grazie al meccanismo a cricchetto. Suggerito per utilizzo su materiali pesanti come cartongesso, moquette, pavimenti
31,40 €
Estrattore C3320 per interni ed esterni, Corpo in acciaio bonificato, bracci in acciaio al cromo-vanadio, con 2 bracci scorrevoli su cava, reversibili, Esecuzione nichelata Misure : Modello 60 90 Lunghezza utile...
2,25 €
Indelible paint marker pens. Universal, can be used on any surface. Medium point bullet. The fibres of the tips determine the quality and do not fray over time. The pen stroke remains clear and unaltered and the...
4,00 €
Feine Stahlwolle Nr. 000 in KugelStahlwolle mit hohen technischen Eigenschaften von Finesse und WirksamkeitIdeal für mehrere Anwendungen wie Entkörnen, Wachsapplikation, Metallpolieren usw.Ball 150 gFeinkorn
47,70 €
Guide control black powder HB-Set for visibly checking surfaces to be sanded. Items Included: Hand sanding block 2 guide control black powder cartridges (each 30 g) In carton
20,16 €
Forbici multiuso con lama inferiore appuntita per garantire la massima efficenza anche nei lavori di taglio di precisione. Il meccanismo ServoCut? raddoppia la performance di taglio. Tensione delle lame regolabile.
40,00 €
Designed for the repair of just one diameter, available M3x50, M4x70 and M5x80 Contains: 1 tool for application, 1 Machine Tap for support thread and 6 spring inserts 1,5d Other items on request.
70,79 €
Klein Lifting clamp SPP060047 The lifting clamp facilitates the handling and trasport of large panels. It features an anatomic wooden grip and rubber covered eccentric jaws. Thickness range: Min. 10 mm - Max 65 mm
30,00 €
Epoxy powder coated metal cases red MM000 for bits and pieces. Various sizes plastic elements inside. Button closing. Blue color on request. 4 available sizes: Small 320x220x70 mm (MM00001) Medium 370x270x70 mm...
15,00 €
Rod for lifting manholes is a tool that contains the functions useful for maintenance of joints or manholes. The central hook of this tool allows you to raise or anchor manhole lifting it easily. Measures looks image.
10,09 €
Makita Complete hexagonal holesaw adapter Available: Small D-17170 for holesaw diameter from 14 to 30 - Insertion 9,5 mm Big D-17186 for holesaw diameter from 32 to 152 - Insertion 11 mm
210,00 €
Ideal for drilling holes with a maximum depth of 420 mm on concrete and other building materials. Used with Makita diamond core drill DBM230 model. Thread 1+1/4 ". Material Bi metal. Diameter: from Ø 32 mm to Ø 225 mm
6,67 €
Diameter available: From 14 to 152 mm Application: steel, aluminum, copper, brass, wood and plastic. Diameter and holesaw sizes available as from image
36,75 €
MAKPAC connector case, stackable with connecting and closure clips (to connect multiple MAKPAC together), in 4 sizes:Type 1: h 105 mm - Base 295x395 mmType 2: h 157 mm - Base 295x395 mmType 3: h...
6,22 €
NEMESIS guarantees excellent performance both on mansory and reinforced concrete, this is due to the constructional features that allow better drilling and increased dust removal speed and reduced vibration...
10,00 €
PCL-3 MECHANISCHER MARKIERER FÜR TIEFE LÖCHER - Spitzenlänge 45 mm (Ø5,7 mm), um schwer zugängliche Stellen markieren zu können. - Taste für automatisches Vorschieben des Bleis mit integriertem Bleischärfer. -...
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