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20,00 € tax excl.
packet 40 unit 3M™ Bumpon™Protective Product SJ5027 is a self-adhesive rubber bumper designed to be used as feet, stops and spacers. The hemispherical shape provides excellent sound damping and energy...
15,57 € tax excl.
Cutting oil to promote cutting, drilling, threading, taping, milling, turning, broaching and all particularly heavy-duty swarf removal operations on highly alloyed steel, nodular cast iron, stainless steel. With...
4,45 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Sanitizing Descaler is an extremely powerful and concentrated foam spray for easy removal of limescale (even stubborn). Fields of application Suitable for use in the bathroom, for shower stalls, tiles,...
4,20 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Sanitizing Bath is an extremely powerful and concentrated spray for easy cleaning of bathrooms and toilets. Fields of application - Suitable for use in bathrooms, especially for floors, shower...
6,12 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Super Forte Degreaser is an extremely powerful and concentrated foam spray, specially developed for cleaning barbecues, ovens and grills. Fields of application Suitable for cleaning barbecues, ovens...
5,79 € tax excl.
Paint for enamelled surfaces. Touch up and restore enamel damage on washing machines, bathtubs, sinks, bathroom furniture, dishwashers, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, ceramics. Ready to use. It does not yellow....
5,37 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Stain Remover is a highly effective concentrated spray for easily removing even the most stubborn stains. Fields of application Suitable for fabrics and upholstery, carpets, furniture upholstery and...
6,20 € tax excl.
Handwashing cream with Vegetable Microspheres for professional use. Extreme cleaning strength, eliminates the smells Soft, smooth and polished hands ph 5.5 125 washes
6,67 € tax excl.
Fluid hand-washing paste for professional use and do-it-yourself. Cyclon Pasta Lavamani Fluida is available in three different formats: 250ml tube 500ml bottle 1000ml bottle Dispense the desired amount of...
6,67 € tax excl.
Cyclon Liquid lemon Handwashing . Thanks to its formulation, combines effective action of removing the most stubborn dirt, the delicacy on the hands. Very useful in the kitchen to remove from the hands unpleasant and...
4,84 € tax excl.
Cyclon Super Professional Degreaser . With the degreasing power of lemon is shown to effectively remove dirt and the most resistant fat from all types of surfaces and materials. Ideal for outdoor use, even for...
4,88 € tax excl.
Cyclon Super Ultra Fast Degreaser: rinsing with a single pass. It is suitable for daily cleaning of washable surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and all the interiors of the house. Rinse immediately without residue and...
62,46 € tax excl.
Elastoplastic pre-formed strip sealant, compressible and permanently sticky, ready for use in the desired sections. Light-resistant and non-hardening, it ensures perfect water and air tightness in the joints between...
32,70 € tax excl.
Lubricant and Coolant which disperses in water creates a milky stable emulsion. Mineral base, ideal for medium works A base mineral, ideal for medium  duty-work on ferrous and not ferrous materials. Packaging: 5000 ml
3,25 € tax excl.
For LPG, Methane, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, CO2, Helium, Argon systems, etc. Also detects leaks in vertical and horizontal pipes at high temperatures. Packaging: 400 ml
4,26 € tax excl.
Degreases, deoxidizes any electric, electronic product, such as: electric control panels, relays, remote control switches, terminal boards, printed boards, integrated circuits, etc. Ideal for Potentiometers; the light...
4,84 € tax excl.
Guarantees perfect lubrication and anticorrosive protection over time. It resists the washing action even of salty water. Perfect mechanical stability even in the presence of vibrations. Resists temperatures up to...
5,16 € tax excl.
Specific for cutting, threading and tapping operations. Ensures continual lubrication if sprayed along the cutting wire. Applied to the surface, it remains adhesive to ensure heat dispersion and prevent the tool from...
16,31 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 95 x 20 x 8Replacement pads for Scissor Broom. Made of sturdy and resistant metal, they guarantee long life and high level performance at every use.
12,21 € tax excl.
Forte version of Gladio gel, more practical for large surfaces or for applications on vertical surfaces. This version is more energetic than the previous one, it acts in depth on porous supports (walls, wood) and is...
12,21 € tax excl.
Concentrated farewell cleaner impossible spotsAdjuvant to detergency for the removal of paint, glue, grease, oil, fresh silicone, adhesive labels, writings of felt-tip pen and spray cans, from glass, cement, marble,...
12,21 € tax excl.
SUPER REMOVAL OF STICKERSTo effortlessly remove any kind of label, decal or any other type of adhesive without the risk of irreparably scratching the support. Without difficulty it eliminates traces of glue, tar,...
6,52 € tax excl.
Internal glue side, allows a good fixing of the pallets during transport or storage of your packaging.Thanks to the silent and rapid performance, the spool of stretch film require a minimum effort of application on...
4,10 € tax excl.
Unscrews, protect, lubricate with spray HL BardahlIt protects against extreme loads and wearLubricates and eliminates noises and squeaksanti-rust and anti-corrosion actionIt protects over time components and metal...
7,38 € tax excl.
DOUBLE ACTION: Chemistry (killing active ingredients) Mechanics (Foam) JET OVER 4 METERS. The foam closes the holes of the nest and immediately wets the wings of the wasps not allowing them to fly, in the meantime...
15,57 € tax excl.
400 ML Spray nonstick lubricant tools Klein DryUp Anti-adherent, lubricant for cutting tools, prevents the formation of resinous blocks, the treated surface is highly lubricated.
16,39 € tax excl.
Spray 400 ML protective lubricant for Klein Protect tools Corrosion inhibitor, lubricant, easily removes all traces of grease and coolant, wicks moisture away. ItemDescriptionKLEINPROTECT.400 Spray Can 400 ml....
1,55 € tax excl.
Internal glue side, ideal for containing and joining profiles in plastic, aluminum and many other packagings. Thanks to the silent and rapid performance, the spool of stretch film require a minimum effort of...
13,03 € tax excl.
Features: Revolutionizes building systems. Replaces mortar and adhesive Bauer PolyCem is a sealing material, which is capable of definitively getting rid of rising damp in the walls Ideal for cementing perforated...
4,45 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Disgorgante Gel is an extremely powerful and effective drainage gel that effortlessly dissolves grease, food scraps and hair. Fields of application Suitable for a variety of drains in the kitchen and...
45,08 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 105 x 40 x 140 closedProfessional "V" sweeper with cotton fringed 105 cm. Cotton fringed attracts and hold dirt, dust and hair from all kind of floor. The"V" headallows to stretch and narrow the area of...
7,79 € tax excl.
Spray "6 in 1" by Svitol 400 mlAnti-corrosion, water-repellent, detergent, Reactivating, lubricant, Unlocking
6,12 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Shine Sanitizing Steel is an easy-to-use spray, specially designed to restore shine to stainless steel surfaces. Fields of application Suitable for stainless steel surfaces such as splash guards, hot...
3,80 € tax excl.
WD-40 Multifunction product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates and lubricates locked in parts, deletes and protects any surface moisture. Even removes grease, tar and glue from any non-porous surface.
13,85 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 140 x diam 2.2Replacement handles for Scissor Broom easily replaceable.For professional industrial cleaning, ideal for large surfaces.140 cm iron handle - PVC knobs
Absorbent paste "MANGIAMACCHIA" - New Formula Absorbent paste "MANGIAMACCHIA" - New Formula
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16,07 € tax excl.
250ml format The Mangiamacchia paste is a product specially formulated to eliminate stains on materials such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, terracotta and ceramics. Eliminates the most obvious stains  of oil,...
Salt for Road Use Salt for Road Use
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3,48 € tax excl.
Salt for Road Use 25 Kg
Svitol pulitore contatti 400ml Svitol pulitore contatti 400ml
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8,19 € tax excl.
Specific cleaner and protector for electric and electronic contacts. Protects from oxidation and moisture. Removes oxidation and reactivates oxidised contacts. Safe on plastic, metal and rubber. Grease remove for...
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