• ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG

    Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer we ensure that our products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS  provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security. The ABUS group comprises the companies ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG, ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG and ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH with around 3,500 employees worldwide.

  • Accuride International Inc.

    Accuride International Inc. is a global movement solutions provider, designing and manufacturing hardware for a broad range of applications across a variety of industries. This is a great opportunity to join a highly successful and respected global employer.

    Accuride is committed to achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. To support this commitment, Accuride's work force is well trained and skilled across all functional areas such as manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, sales, customer service and administrative support.

  • ACM Italy

    Since 1973 we have been producing adhesives, glues and resins to serve the professional decorator and also the DIY enthusiast. We are a team of almost fifty people, the main office being in Italy and with two branch offices in Russia and in Turkey. Our international operations (we are active in sixty export markets) have contributed towards our flexibility and have helped us to broaden our horizons. Innovation, attention to detail, respect for the environment and commercial empathy are the main factors which set us apart.

  • Adelchi Ferrari

    Ferrari was founded in Lecco (Italy) in 1947 and since then the production of furniture hinges and accessories has continued.

    The long experience in this industry helped to develop modern products with a high level of technology, all of which are internationally patented.

    Innovation, dedication and enthusiasm have strongly characterised the company personality, resulting in a global growth that makes Ferrari active in over 70 countries.

    Ferrari has directed the technologic evolution of the furniture industry starting from the piano hinge to the modern concealed hinges, expanding the product range including the lid stays, drawers, drawer slides, sliding door fittings, fittings and other furniture accessories. 

  • AGB

    AGB - Alban Giacomo Spa is an Italian company specialized in hardware systems for doors, windows and shutters.

    For seven decades, AGB has been providing manufacturers worldwide with optimal solutions for use and blocking of top quality, durable, lasting internal and external windows and doors.

    AGB's vast range of products is unrivalled among manufacturers of hardware for windows and doors.


    Since 1956, our company, founded in 1928, has focused on the development and production of thermo-moulded components.  We produce innovations that not only stand the test of time over decades, but which are also subject to continuous further development. In 1956, we developed and brought the plastic cutlery insert to the market. In 1985, the possibilities of lamination of surface structures were discovered. This makes it possible for us to transfer various optics, e.g. stainless steel, wood or high gloss, on the plastic surfaces. 1994 saw the arrival of the polystyrene-based non-slip mat.

  • Alfa

    The Company makes its business activity in the production of high quality standard tools, over the years specialized in the production of specific tools for professional activity such as: carpenter, plumber, electrician… Among the several items, that covers the wide range of products of the company, the top is represented by the clamp for carpenter, due to its high standard quality recognized by the market, but we can mention also other products as: pipe wrenches, tube cutter, mason’s cold chisels, punches, scissors, shears, square, non sparking tools etc.  The internal production process is complete; it starts with the transformation of the raw material, generally steel, then it is deformed into the several various shapes of the tools, that are produced by an internal molding process and other operations of mechanical manufacture, till the final stock and the sales.

  • ALMAPlast S.r.l.

    ALMAPlast has become a very important landmark for all main manufacturers of flexible PVC hoses. Situated in an extended industrial area, the company has reached a production capacity of over 50.000.000 hose meters per year.

    Over the last years ALMAPlast has become synonymous with efficiency, control and accuracy, beeing able to satisfy the different requirements of today’s market, starting from the selection of raw materials till delivery of the product, through a punctual customer service and an efficient front office which is able to follow step by step each phase of this process.

    In 2012 ALMAPlast looks right on the market for the sale to the trade of its wide range of products PerformanceTubi.

    The hoses in the catalogue are the result of a careful selection which aims to obtain maximum versatility to satisfy both industrial and commercial customers.

  • Ambrogio Sanelli

    The constant research and the extreme passion for work keep the company in continuous evolution, up to the acquisition in 2015 of Montana, an historical cutlery brand since 1925, to even better pursue the main goal: manufacture reliable and high quality knives. Quality that is not born by chance, but has grown over the years with commitment, effort and time. A lot of time.

  • Ardes

    Ardes was born in Milan in 1962, specializing in the production of hot plates. In 1992 the company moves to Valle Seriana (Bergamo) and becomes part of the Scame group, expanding the range of products made in Italy. Over the following years are born so the slow mixer Paiolo, the Sole Mio warmers, hot plates, gas cookers, the electric underblankets and the hot steam humidifiers. In 2015 the company is taken over by Poly Pool spa and becomes the small domestic appliance division of the company, Italian leader in the distribution of electrical material.

  • Arexons

    Arexons, the historic Italian brand for maintenance.

  • Ariete

    Important company in the field of small appliances, Ariete is continuously developing on both the national territory and the international scene. Exports represents about 60% of total sales. In 1995 the company was incorporated by the international group Kenwood Appliances UK and since 2001 has been incorporated by the DeLonghi Group.

  • Bardahl

    For more than 70 years Bardahl has been producing and distributing worldwide high quality lubricants and additives in various lines: automotive, industry, motorcycle, nautical and aerospace competitions.

  • Beretta Brevetti s.r.l.

    Beretta Brevetti is a young company that has succeeded, in a short time, in gaining a place on the market of closing systems for glass doors, gates and furniture doors. Beretta Brevetti has attracted the attention of the most important dealers in this sector in the world and is increasingly becoming a potential partner in this field, making itself known in the national and international context for the reliability, quality and high innovation of the products offered.

  • Bettio Service

    Bettio Service S.p.A., leader in quality technology and service in its field.

  • Bindulin

    Bindulin - your partner for any kind of chemical products. Our program includes a wide range of adhesives, glues, paints and varnishes.
    Special products for professionals such as stickers for wood, sealants, building products.
    Automotive products, solvents and everything for woodworking.

  • Blum

    In Blum everything revolves around movement. The solutions in terms of furniture accessories transform the opening and closing of the furniture into a real experience and increase the comfort of movement in all rooms of the house, but especially in the kitchen.


  • Bonacina Giuseppe srl

    Since 1964, BONACINA GIUSEPPE has been producing hardware for exterior wood, PVC and aluminium shutters.Over the years, BONACINA GIUSEPPE has focused its investments on pursuing and selecting the best technological solutions while keeping close ties with its artisan traditions.

  • Bonaiti

    To talk about locks for wooden doors means first stepping back in time as far as 1830 when Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti was founded, to the era when small Lecco area workshops produced the base metal used to create a series of components.
    Our workshop gradually increased in size and alongside the fastenings and spring catches we also find bed warmers, chestnut roasting ovens, bed bases and the tubing used for headboards, until 1936 when we began to produce external application door locks.
    At the beginning of the war we created a lock model fitted into the front of the door, an absolute novelty in those days, based on the British models patented at that time: hence the term “patented” which went on to become an everyday term to identify this type of lock.
    At the beginning of year 2000, in the same factory situated in Calolziocorte, Bonaiti Serrature started to produce magnetic lockswhich are the result of many years of research and development.

  • Borgonsoli - Torneria Borgonsoli Sdf

    " Since 40 years we have been working as national and exotic wood turning machines with standard and sample processing".

  • Bortoluzzi Sistemi

    "Our company was established in 1988. The first years were dedicated to the design and production of sliding mechanisms exclusively for some of the most renowned companies in the furniture industry. Thanks to our close collaboration with important industry operators and ongoing stimulus to find original solutions to meet our customers’ needs, we were able to gain unique know-how in the design, development and industrialization of sliding systems."

  • Brevetti Motta S.r.l.

    For over 40 years our experience in the production of cutting machines and the joining of frames has been at the service of Italian and international customers to offer highly reliable and cutting-edge products. Present on the market since 1968 with the first seamer in the world specifically for corner jointing and since 1976 with double blade miter saws, our company has dedicated itself exclusively to the development of typical solutions in the sector.

  • Bullock

    Leading brand in anti-theft devices. Safe and reliable, it is able to protect any type of vehicle.

  • Campingaz

    In 1994, Campingaz was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce a gas-powered barbecue, making it easy for friends and families to enjoy cooking delicious meals outside in the garden.

    Over the course of the following decades, Campingaz has grown to become your trusted companion for authentic, outdoor cooking adventures.

  • Cartiere Carrara

    High-quality paper since 1873.

    The Cartiere Carrara Group has 7 production sites, all in Italy, with over 730 employees and an annual production of over 300 thousand tons. We are one of the leading European producers and transformers of paper, entirely Made in Italy.

    High-quality Hand towels, Kitchen roll, Toilet paper, Handkerchiefs, Facial tissues, Tablecloths and Napkins are the fruit of our passion, handed down from five generations, highly specialised staff and continuous investments in technology and high-performance machinery.

    Thanks to our integrated process, Cartiere Carrara produces semi-finished products from the raw material and transforms them into a wide range of finished products, intended for the professional and consumer market, distributed in 50 countries.

  • Castrol

    Castrol is the world leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases and related services to automotive, industrial, marine, aviation, oil exploration and production customers across the world.

  • Caterpillar

    Caterpillar Inc. is a US company based in Peoria (Illinois). Caterpillar (commercially known as CAT) producing vehicles and machinery for construction and extraction, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.

  • CBE Elettrodomestici

    Cbe Elettrodomestici, produces biscuit electric, waffle irons and waffle ferratelle.

  • Century

    Century Italia is an international supplier of lighting solutions.

  • Cisa

    Cisa is one of the leading companies in the field of locking systems and access protection, presents in over 70 countries and is a key player on the international market.
    Cisa was the first company in the world to patent and produce electric locks.

  • CMT Orange Tools

    Over the years, CMT has been making massive investments in the most advanced technology in CNC machine equipment and in innovative software to manufacture woodworking cutting tools.
    Furthermore, CMT has hired highly skilled engineers and operators to manage the production operations. The result, the entire woodworking cutting tool manufacturing process is completely automated.

    CMT products are manufactured for industrial applications and woodworking cutting tools are utilized by world leading furniture makers, kitchen manufacturers and CNC machinery manufacturers.
    Because of our intense investment in advanced production technology, CMT is able to offer industrial tooling at an affordable price to an ever growing following of cabinet makers, contractors and woodworkers as well our manufacturing customers.

    The CMT Orange Tools brand is known throughout the world woodworking community as the premium brand of woodworking cutting tools. The CMT mission is to continually improve our quality while offering the woodworking world the finest quality at affordable prices.

  • Colciago Cerniere d'autore

    Hinge manufacturer since 1960.

  • Colcom Group

    Colcom Group, leader in the field of systems and accessories for tempered glass, manufactures hinges, locks and fastenings for doors and tempered glass panels. This range of accessories focuses on innovation and attention to design, and meets the need of those who want to make their environment more beautiful, functional and safe.
    Colcom’s product range includes shower enclosures, interior and exterior doors, partitions, sliders, handles and locks.

  • Colorificio Sammarinese

    Since 1944 Colorificio Sammarinese has been designing and manufacturing environment-friendly paints, enamels and quality products for the building trade, industry and do-it-yourself.

  • Complastex

    Complastex is a leader in the field of design and manufacture of extruded gaskets and sealing systems for windows, curtain walls and the automotive sector, as well as extruded products made of elastomers and plastic materials for many industrial and civil applications.

  • Contact Italia

    Contact Italia is specialized in the production and distribution of electrical equipment and fv mounting systems. Contact Italia produces and distributes cable connection systems, distribution systems, electrical isolation systems, probes and connection elements as well as designing and distributing support systems for photovoltaic systems.


    Corbin is a brand name in the field of high security padlocks and cylinders. The continuous search in the development and technology of products have placed this brand at the top of their market, where reliability, quality, and full customer satisfaction are the cornerstones on which, since always, rests its philosophy of safety.

  • Cottali

    Cottali Srl is one of the largest Italian manufacturers of handles; with 40 years in the market, is now present in more than 50 states throughout the world.

    Continual technological innovation has allowed the company to constantly remain and grow in the market. The promotion of handles exclusively Made in Italy makes the Cottali brand both well-known and in demand.

    The wide range of decorative elements and accessories, with an excellent quality-price relationship, also allows Cottali to be present in the market of mass distribution.

  • CR

    Founded in 1955, DOM CR S.p.A. (ex CR Serrature) has conquered and consolidated over the years a prominent position on the national market and today is one of the most important and prestigious companies in the sector. A constant quality and a professional approach have allowed us to consolidate a high reputation among all the customers of the brand.

    Since 1991 it has been part of the DOM Security Group, listed on the Paris stock exchange.

  • Deisa Ebano

    Deisa Ebano SpA is a prestigious Bolognese company that for almost a century has been producing and distributing a real cosmetic line for the home, domestic insecticides under the ZigZag brand and products for footwear under the Ebano and Calzanetto brands.

  • Didieffe Group Srl

    Manufacturer of hardware for doors and windows and wooden furniture 100% Made in Italy.

  • Dierre

    Founded in 1975, Dierre is the leading company in the world in the production of armoured doors and leader in Italy in the production and sale of interiors doors and doors for external application.

  • Diybook KG

    Diybook KG was founded at the end of 2012 and from March 2013 manages the online portal diybook in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

  • DKC

    DKC Group has been working effectively since 1998 in the planning, production and marketing of cable drag systems.

    Ever since 2007, the desire to grow and the constant changing of the market have pushed DKC Group to acquire solid, big companies.

    Throughout the course of a few years, DKC Group was able to build a structured organization of qualified resources, motivated to conquer a highly competitive international market to become a leader of the future.

    At the same time, it was able to expand its line of products with innovative and reliable solutions, by strengthening its role in the protection of cables, and distribution and storage of energy.

  • Domital s.r.l.

    Pepita , the Fireclay Plate for healthy cooking of pizza , bread , cakes , but also meat , fish, vegetables …
    Since then I decided to create other exclusive and patented cooking accessories.

  • Duracell

    Duracell is the world’s number one consumer battery company by market share and the leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries, speciality cells and rechargeables. Since the launch of the brand in 1965, it has grown to become a global consumer icon, known for its commitment to quality, reliability and innovation.

  • EcolKem

    EcolKem S.p.a.
    Production and packaging workshop for medical and surgical devices
    Ecolkem® is a company specialized in the production and marketing of special chemical products.

  • Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

    EFFEGIBREVETTI company specialized in the design and manufacture of opening mechanisms and fittings for the furniture industry.

  • Einhell

    Einhell develops and sells solutions for fans of DIY and craftsmen, for the home, garden and leisure.

  • Ekotech

    Ekotech was born from the experience and professionalism of Eurotecnica, which, since 1988, has been offering original solutions for the design and construction of high quality and design thermoplastic moulds. The Ekotech range is designed and built for different space and style needs. Simple and quick to assemble components, in which the use of innovative materials is combined with the search for beautiful and functional solutions.

  • EMKA

    The EMKA Group is the market leader in the field of locks, hinges and gaskets used in the construction of electrical cabinets and panels.
    EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking systems also in the air conditioning and transport sector.


    90 years creating small works of art and setting trends in the field of furniture fittings.

    J. José Vergéshas been market leader since 1928 and in 80 countries in terms of innovation, quality and service. This makes our Estamp knobs and handles an essential reference point for ultimate design.

    Expansion, growth, modernity, the search for perfection, experience as manufacturers and creativity have always been essential parts of J. José Vergés policy and have provided from the beginning the basis for our foundations.

  • Evolution Power Tools

    Evolution has created more than 20 years a solid reputation and is recognized worldwide as a leader in the steel sector and the metal industry.

    TCT Advanced Technology

    The Evolution technology specializing in the steel dry cutting has now been incorporated in a series of multipurpose saws that can also cut aluminum, plastic, wood and many other materials.

  • Exide Technologies Srl

    Exide Technologies has a history of more than 120 years in the battery business. Today, Exide provides all the complex energy storage needs of customers around the world. We provide services and systems that increase the performance of vehicles as well as those that reduce the risk of temporary disruption of energy supplies. The global footprint mixes our two significant bases of experience in both the start-up and the industrial market and provides better and faster means by introducing innovations in products and services.

  • F.lli Mauri srl

    Established in 1953, F.lli Mauri srl has over the years dedicated a constant energy to the research and development of metal parts formed from wire rod. The strength of F.lli Mauri srl is the ability to design, industrialize and produce innovative items that could meet the needs of a constantly evolving market. Initially focused on the furniture industry, over the years the company has conveyed its experience and its production capacity to other sectors such as office chair components, items for plastic molds and items engineered upon the customer’s drawing.

  • FA.CO.PLAST. srl

    FA.CO.PLAST, specialized in industrial production and marketing of plastic strips and wires, is a constantly evolving company that has its roots in a decade of experience in the field.

    Born in 1978 at Onara, Tombolo (PD) as a small artisan workshop, FA.CO.PLAST has over the years become a solid reality in the bricolage.

    Coming soon to the European and world markets in search of the most cutting-edge innovations, today it offers over 5000 references divided into twelve product lines.

  • Fabita

    Fabita is the evolution of an industrial company with more than ten years of experience in the field of glass ceramic induction and extractor hoods.

  • Faren

    Petrochemical group with diversified production of lubricants, technical sprays, detergents, etc.

  • Fein

    Fein is a leading global manufacturer of power tools

  • FEMI

    Together with all the professionals who have found reliable and safe workmates in FEMI products in recent years, we want to continue our mission: to build and develop a world of products rich in performance and reliability ... FEMI "A World of Performance".

  • Ferremi Rodolfo

    Ferremi Rodolfo Spa is a modern, solid and flexible, structured company which is able to respond to every need during the design and the production of die-cast components thanks to its 75 years of activity within the die-casting industry. The production run includes different interventions: mechanical processing, assembly of components, liquid and powder painting, realization of complex supplying projects. The company handles deliveries directly with different modalities according to what it has been agreed upon in the supplying contract and assist the customer at his own facilities. This last step is very helpful in case of failure of tolerance, technical or mechanical problems or changes requested after the order has been already submitted. Having a versatile production allows Ferremi to specialize in different sectors (e.g. automotive, construction industry) and to acquire consequently more and more technical knowledge to apply to multiple contests successfully, capitalizing on the experience gained to satisfy all commissioners.

  • Fireball Korea

    Fireball Detailing Technology manufactured in South Korea, due to carefully chosen ingredients, innovative technologies used in manufacturing process, as well as hours of testing – Fireball products establish new trends in the world of car detailing.

  • Flamma

    The Flamma company in Ballabio, in the region of Lecco, has worked in the metalworkingfield for years, dealing with the manufacture and trade of tee nuts, welding nuts and various metal inserts.

  • FLEX

    "Our success is based on innovation. That was the case in 1922, when we developed hand-controlled tools powered by stationary electric motors through flexible shafts. It did not change in 1954, when we launched the first high-speed angle grinder, the DL 9 - inventing “FLEXing” in the process...."

  • Fratelli Comunello

    It’s more than 50 years since our founder, Vittorio Comunello, started on his pioneering adventure to build a company for the production of components for sliding gates. The company was an instant success and has maintained its reputation and market position based on innovative solutions and an unrivalled reputation for absolute quality.
    50 years of precision in the manufacture of perfect components, maintaining pace with the evolution of the most advanced technologies while guaranteeing complete security and safety.

    An engineering company founded in 1965 by Vittorio Comunello based in Bassano del Grappa. Now run by the second generation: Franco, Silvia and Luca.

  • FritsJurgens®

    The pivot door represents the best of architecture and aesthetics. FritsJurgens makes perfect hinges for perfect doors.

  • Galbusera Giancarlo e Giorgio S.n.c.

    In 1925 Domenico Colombo, the great-uncle of the present owners of Galbusera, founded a small handicraft workshop for the processing of wrought iron in Malgrate next to lake Como, in the north of Italy.

    In 1961 Giancarlo Galbusera, with the help of his brother Giacinto and under the skilled guidance of his uncle, transformed the small workshop into an artisan company and due to the increasing market demand moved the production to Valmadrera, where it is still based.

    After taking part in the first international trade fairs Galbusera brand becomes famous and due to the continious production growth new site in Civate  is opened. 


    Giesse is the brand that opens up new hardware solution frontiers for aluminium windows and doors. Technical innovation and extremely high quality are at the core of our daily work.

  • GMR

    We are a trading company that since 2000 has been marketing products for lighting and cleaning chimneys and stoves.
    Our business has expanded over the years, including the sale of a wide range of bioethanol fireplaces and stoves and electrical devices for heating, such as fireplaces, thermal panels and heaters.
    We decided to invest in a decidedly growing sector: the grid and barbecue market.
    Our sales force consists of 20 multi-firm agents covering the entire national territory.
    Our customer is "good detail", wholesalers and GDO.

  • Grohe

    GROHE is the world's leading supplier of sanitary fittings. For several decades, he relied on his own brand values, namely quality, technology, design and sustainability for creating unique experiences in full respect of the "Pure Freude an Wasser".

  • GT Line

    Founded in 1970 in Bologna, Italy, GT LINE for over 45 years has been delivering worldwide quality products and solutions to assist the professionals in their daily activities with famous brands such as: GT LINE tool-cases, worldwide recognized as the widest range of tool-cases for the professional engineers; WORKLINE a range of soft bags and smart solutions for the professionals and pro-DIY’s; @HAND cases and bags for the mobile computing; and the latest brand, EXPLORER CASES, a range of waterproof watertight cases made in copolymer polypropylene, able to guarantee the best protection to whatever professional equipment you need to carry in your journey around the world.

  • Hettich

    It's with this claim that we develop and produce a variety of fittings for all sorts of different functions. From drawer systemsand runner systems to Hinges as well as Sliding and folding door systems. Because good furniture needs good solutions – for the home, working world and quality of life. Every day, over 6,700 members of staff take up the challenge of developing intelligent technology for furniture.

  • Holz Technic

    Rothoblaas brand, which has been offering products for construction, hardware, materials for air and water insulation, solutions for soundproofing, and woodworking equipment for over 10 years.

  • Hot Design Innovation Srls

    Hot Design Innovation SRLs is a dynamic and highly innovative company, aimed at developing products and design projects around the world, strictly 'made in Italy' and eco-friendly. Bio sustainability and high quality is a hallmark of knowing how to do everything in the Italian way.

    Moreover, the great attention and care of every detail of bio-fireplaces, make Hot Design Innovation uses only environmentally friendly materials such as paints and natural essences, fully recyclable packaging and fuels derived from vegetable.

  • Howell

    HOWELL is today, synonymous with innovation, functionality and reliability. Not neglecting the right balance between price and quality.

    HOWELL has renewed and expanded the range of its products, inserting modern design items and rediscovering the charm of the Vintage one.

  • Hurom

    Hurom has over 40 years of experience in the home appliance market and more than 100 patented assets. Hurom is the world leading brand for the best products designed for humanity.

  • Huwil

    HMT is an independent company, proud of its HUWIL roots. Our company rose from the world famous enterprise of fittings and locks - HUWIL Werke. Founded in 1979 HMT was able to deliver HUWIL manufactured products directly to medium-size and smaller commercial customers as well as to retail customers. Following the sale by HUWIL and its departments, HMT has taken over the remainder of their programme and is continuing as an independent supplier.

  • IMA Industria Mole Abrasive Srl

    IMA Abrasivi srl is a company founded in 1975 and specialized in the production and distribution of abrasive, friction sawing ad flap discs. The brand is also competitive on the international level and is a member of the OSA (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) since 2007.

  • InSinkErator

    InSinkErator, a division of Emerson Electric Co. is the largest manufacturer of food waste disposers in the world.

    Emerson, based in St. Louis, is a world leader in combining technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions to customers through its network, its strength, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies and home appliances. .

  • Irudek

    Since 1989, in Irudek 2000 we worked in security, specializing on against falls from a height and lifelines. Innovation and product development has been consistent since our inception, having an R + D + i department, that provides a wide range of products that stands our for its design, queality, ergonomics, confort and adaptation to the needs of customers, surpassing the strictest European standards.

  • Italkali

    Italkali – Società Italiana Sali Alcalini SpA – is one of the main European Company for mining, processing and export of rock salt.

    Operating on the market for more than 40 years, it plays a leading role on the domestic market and has a prominent position on the European market.

  • Jolly Italia

    Designing and construction of equipment for harvesting of pendant fruits

  • K design

    Company specialized in the production of accessories and aids for the bathroom.

  • Key Doors S.r.l.

    Key Doors srl was founded in 2011, it brought together twenty years experience of three key elements to the success of this investment. Now uses a shed owned by 2500 sqm, a fleet, the latest equipment and qualified staff, allows us to make in addition to the wide range of articles here, even Doors on customer’s design.

  • Küppersbusch

    Appliances with modern technology and high quality, advanced features and stunning design.

    See catalogue and ask for price

  • Kyocera

    KYOCERA SENCO France specializes in fastener solutions and focuses on the development of innovative tools, fasteners and accessories.

  • La Ventilazione

    La Ventilazione is a brand of Edil Plast – an ISO 9001 certified company that has been developing building products for over twenty years. The brand is synonymous of ventilation grilles, duct systems and items for acoustic insulation of buildings.

    The rules relating to the flow of fresh air with gas systems and the needs of ventilation in homes typically have found the right technical solution in the wide range of grids designed, made of different materials depending on the installation requirements, with the air passages declared and certified according to ISO 5219.

    La Ventilazione is the leading brand in its sector on the world market for technical solutions, quality and range of its products.


    Lenox Industrial Tools. It largely produces saws, saw blades, utility knives, snips, and other cutting tools.

    The company was founded in 1915 by ten employees to produce hacksaw blades. In 2003, American Saw was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid. In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker purchased the tools business of Newell Brands, including Lenox.

  • LISA s.r.l.

    LISA s.r.l. is a company specialized in the processing of metal sheet. It produces and markets under its own brand a line of barbecues, skewers cookers and accessories.

  • Mafell

    Here at MAFELL, we often adopt a new approach in our quest to develop better machines. We take a fresh look and reconsider the crucial aspects of the tool concerned. And we always give due consideration to the future needs of the woodworking trades.

    Time and again, together with outstanding material and build quality, our strategy spawns astounding solutions. We thus continuously enhance functionality and user-friendliness, for example. We strive to ensure that, while you are working, you no longer need to give the tool a second thought. 

  • Mancini e Mancini srl

    It was 1964 when Italo Mancini founded the Gruppo Rappresentanze, a company whose core business is the industrial supplies of the hardware sector in the Abruzzo region. Thirty years later, with the establishment of Mancini & Mancini, the group consolidates its role as a leader specialized not only in the wholesale trade but also as a retailer in the furniture accessories sector, with a particular eye open to interior and exterior design.

  • Maral

    Maral can boast thirty years of experience in the manufacture of conduits, rigid and flexible smoke evacuation flues, extendible pipes for gas and  water applications as well as solar panels, all products  that are suitable for a multitude of uses, both civil and industrial, in the plumbing/heating, building, hardware and do-it-yourself sectors.

    In the manufacture of its products Maral uses a highly advanced and rated system of integrated management to back up the most modern manufacturing and control technology, thus allowing the company to obtain very high aesthetic results and to guarantee the sort of top quality standards required under current laws on the matter.

  • Mariva

    From one small artisan company acquired from the Laffranchi group in 2000 is born the MARIVA srl. Thanks to a consolidated forty years experience in the field of the brass, the Laffranchi group, decide to differentiate them produced, entering of fact in the productive field of the handles and coordinate in brass. The business philosophy is based, beyond to the quality and the continuous study of design and planning of new articles, also on the efficiency of the service to the customer, optimizing on-time orders and the times of set-up, following one philosophy of production just in time.
    In this way the MARIVA srl succeeds to create a service to the customer of elevated quality, punctuality andt the rapidity in the delivery of the goods, factors of remarkable importance in a more and more fast and unforeseeable world

  • Meroni

    Serrature Meroni operates in the sector of mechanical and electronic locks and closing systems, for applications in various sectors: furniture and doors, of course, but also utilities, vending machines and special applications.

    Founded in 1945 by Giulio Andrea Meroni, Serrature Meroni is today one of the best-known Italian and international companies in the sector of mechanical and electronic locks and closing systems, for applications in various sectors: furniture and doors, of course, but also utilities, vending machines, automotive and special applications.

    Undisputed leader on the Italian market of furniture locks, and leader in the door knob sector - thanks to some highly successful products in Italy and around the world - it is present with cutting-edge solutions in the following sectors.

    • Furniture industry
    • Residential and community construction
    • Door and gate automation industry
    • Automotive
    • Utility industry (gas, water and air)
    • Vending & gaming machine industry
  • Messersì Packaging S.r.l.

    The production of strapping band, machines and packaging lines is totally made in Italy, in the Marche Region - at the center of a historic district of the mechanics and automation linked to packaging developing by the Via Emilia to the Adriatic coast; the center of research and development consists of engineers and specialized technicians who come from schools and Universities with which agreements and partnerships are developed for the training and recruitment of the best human capital.

  • Metalfold Srl

    In 1969, the intuition of Olivo Valsecchi, combined with the experience he gained working in spring making facilities on an international level, resulted in Metalfold.
    With the backing of his son Luca, the current CEO, and skilled staff, Metalfold has succeeded in combining craftsmanship with state of the art equipment, to become a leader in market different sectors, both in Italy and abroad.

    Metalfold products are now distributed worldwide.

  • Metalmeccanica Morsa

    Specialized in mechanical plastic locks for Enel-Acea doors with Enel brand approval for this type of work. Thermoplastic molds for the entire vast range of locks spread throughout the country.

    Small business, but with excellent production potential, to be able to satisfy even important companies.

    Mechanical processing both with CNC machinery or with traditional machines and equipment for sampling and large productions.

  • Milwaukee

    Milwaukee is a manufacturer of professional equipment and machine tools.

    At Milwaukee, Heavy Duty is more than just a slogan. It is a promise to offer the best to professional users.

    Milwaukee engineers don't just design tools. They design tools to get the job done better, faster, reliably and safely.

  • Minutex

    Minutex continues to work with dedication to provide a wide assortment of items, including several patents, the result of innovative technologies and continuous research.All strictly Made in Italy.

    The catalogue, offers an overview of 3,000 references, divided into five products line:

  • Mital

    MITAL was founded in 1981 by the effort and passion of Mr. Carlo Martin. 
    The Company is located in the heart of the North-Est Italian region of Veneto, which is worldwide considered to be one of the most important hubs to the furniture and furnishing industry. 
    At the very beginning MITAL specialized in the production of a wide range of wooden handles and knobs and enjoyed a huge success on the national level. 
    Ultimately, and in accordance with the new tends of the market, MITAL has broadened its offer adding to its products portfolio the knobs-handles-coathangers and shelfsupports sets along with different raw materials such as zama, brass, iron, plastics and many others. 
    The design creation evolved too: from the internal conception of the early stages up to the cooperation with designers, architects and design schools. The production process changes at the same pace, affecting in particular the prototyping phase with the use of 3D-printers. 

  • Mobil Plastic

    Mobil Plastic started its activity in the 60s, for the record in 1968. Business was founded with the aim of manufacturing thermoplastic products for filing, classifying and tidying all kind of material.

    Mobil Plastic S.p.A. is today an industrial reality. It has two manufacturing plants with an overall covered surface exceeding 16.000 sq.m., and converts 4.000 tons of raw materials to manufacture plastic products intended to meet storage, handling, classification and organisation requirements in any sector, by offering a range of quality articles for a professional and amateur customer target.

    After the merger, in 2010, the “MP Group – Plastic Solutions” brand comes into being, offering a wide variety of solutions and articles for different market sectors including: hardware, households, enology, ecology, gardening, agriculture, food industry, restaurants and hotels. Mobil Plastic S.p.A. presents the product lines according to their sectors, marked by one of the company brands “Mobil Plastic”, “SSS” or “SSS HO.RE.CA.”

  • Moia - Greenwood

    For over 50 years, Moia SPA has been a leading player in the areas of umbrellas and parasols, outdoor furniture, furnishing accessories and supplies for public establishments.
    At the beginning of the 1990s the Greenwood brand was born, with which the company aims to guarantee quality and service in the field of garden furniture.

  • Noaw s.r.l.

    The mission of Noaw Srl, from over 40 years, is to plan and to manufacture manual and automatic slicers for professional use always seeking the excellence in the product.

  • O.M.R.

    O.M.R. srl successfully carries out the design and construction of locks in multiple fields.The steady prestige of the company, both in Italy and abroad, is the proper recognition to the special care given to the quality and the aesthetic aspect of the finished product.Since the 1st of May 2006, with the acquisition of the company MOIA, which was operational on the market since 1958, O.M.R srl has expanded its product range by adding locks to apply on doors and security doors.

  • OgTM Officine Meccaniche s.r.l

    OGTM began its craft activities in 1960. It immediately made a name for itself thanks to the high quality and original tecnichal solution of its articles (now patended). 
    Even during its gradual transformation from an artisan concern to the industry it has become today, OGTMhas always maintained and improved this quality thanks to the experience it has gained over more than thirty years of profitable activity.

  • Olfa

    Ever since Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION, invented the world's first snap-off blade cutter in 1956, OLFA has been committed to developing practical and safe hand-held cutting tools.
OLFA brand blades are made with top quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional sword-making, sharpened with technologies that give a blade life, and ultimately finished with the craftsmanship that brings all of this together.


    Today Oregon is the leading brand for cutter chains, guide bars and sprockets for chainsaws and harvester machines. Very high quality and comfort also distinguish the line of clothing, accident prevention, and the entire range of accessories and equipment for gardening, forestry and agriculture.

  • Pellegrino S.r.l.

    The PELLEGRINO family is a family of Italian origins and craftsmen with a long tradition. Founded in Ravenna in 1965 from the dream of its young founder, Pellegrino di Pellegrino Domenico put down the solid roots of what would later become the current Pellegrino S.r.l., a successful company that today boasts more than 50 years of experience in production and installation in various sectors. In Ravenna an institution! The professional philosophy of its founder remains unchanged over time, handed down from father to son, up to today’s third generation and looking forward to future generations.

  • Pessotto Reti

    Since 1957 PESSOTTO RETI is synonymous of high specialization in the production of anatomic supports and bed systems for furniture industry, contract supplies and re-sales. Selected raw materials, highly automated and controlled internal processes, tested components, these are the main “ingredients” of a quality product made in Italy, born from a happy synthesis of passionate craftsmanship and modern technologies. A solid and safe product, which is today always more appreciated for its versatile functionality and reliability, its innovative content, its exclusive patents.

  • Pettiti Giuseppe

    PETTITI GIUSEPPE S.p.A. is a company specialized in the production of hardware products as steel sliding solutions for industrial doors , aluminium sliding solutions for internal doors, stamped and adjustable hinges for doors and gates, steel and nylon wheels for gates, accessories for gates, door closers, ornaments, counter frames for sliding doors and security grilles.


    PFERD is the leading brand for the development, production and support, as well as the distribution of tool solutions for surface finishing and material cutting. In keeping with a tradition that dates back more than 200 years, PFERD operates as an independent, internationally oriented family-owned company in the long term.

  • Pharmapiu Srl

    Company on a human scale, unique for completeness and assistance in the security sector.

  • Plasveroi International S.r.l.

    Production of colors, enamels, paints, cements, gypsum, stuccos, etc.


    Top quality for a long service life.
    Many of PRAMETA’s hinges are certified according to ANSI Grade 1 and  EN 15570 Level 3: the most stringent international and national quality standards for furniture hinges.
    Rely on certified load capacity and long-term durability

  • Prefer

    Since 1941 PREFER has been specialized in the design and production of mechanical locks and locking systems aimed at the doors, windows and furniture markets.

  • Pressol

    "As a leading manufacturer of lubrication and garage equipment technology we operate as your partner worldwide. Since 1914 we have developed and improved range of products. We manufacture 83 million parts and pieces for more than 2500 original products today."

  • Prima Srl

    With more than 50 years of experience, PRIMA is an important protagonist in the history of stucco.


    Princess develops appliances that transform the daily routine into meaningful moments. Appliances that help you become the prince or princess of the kitchen, that offer maximum convenience and that permeate special encounters with joy. Princess appliances are stunning, stylish and of excellent quality, certainly deserving of a place in your home.


    QFORT represents comfort, quality, warmth (”q“) and resistance or durability (”fort“) and ”Designed to resist“ is a promise of value which we support with solid and concrete arguments:

    – one of the most modern production capacities in Europe: three production plants for PVC windows and doors and for insulating glass (IG) units , with a total area of 13.000 sqm
    – logistic and transport capacity: 10.000 sqm of logistic spaces and a vehicle fleet of over 250 cars and trucks
    – windows quality certification by Institut für Fenstertechnik (Ift) Rosenheim, Germany.

  • Rapid

    Rapid is a supplier of office stapler and punches and also have years of experience in glueing.

  • Red Horse A/S

    RED HORSE is the broad and professional fastening product range, where a large part of all niche products are drawn, designed and developed in-house.

    Our customers are mainly manufacturing- and construction companies around the world. Much of our work involves project oriented development of specific products and new ways of solving existing problems.

    We aim to be the preferred and most innovative partner when it comes to fastening solutions.

  • Reflexx

    REFLEXX S.p.A. designs, develops and produces in collaboration with the best manufacturers in the Far East, Disposable and Reusable Gloves in Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl and other innovative materials.

  • Reguitti Maniglie

    Handles and accessories for doors and windows, handles, doors, knobs, furniture handles.

  • Renato Fattorini Srl

    Founded in 1946 in the Milan area,  Renato Fattorini Srl  is recognized as one of the pioneers in the production of metal parts solid brass for toughened glass industry for safety doors.

    The second generation Fattorini has continued to expand the portfolio with the introduction of the Elite Series, designed and originally manufactured for systems based on the manufacturer of door closers Mab Masellis of Bologna.

    Sliding systems, folding and packaging of Belgian origin have made even more complete range.

    Today, the third generation Fattorini continues to adapt to the needs for a global market in continuous evolution.

    The partnership with the "International Glass Fittings" in Belgium guarantees the brand a worldwide distribution and makes the organization one of the strongest partner for the glass industry worldwide.

    The products now make the Comprehensive portfolio and the organization is able to design and produce, according to customer requirements, quickly and at incredibly favorable conditions.

  • Resolv Sagl

    We are Resolv, a Swiss company dedicated to the realization of products that solve repairs and make easier the work of professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Revoled - revolution light design

    A company that importing and selecting the best Led articles.

  • Rexnord Corporation

    Rexnord is a multiplatform industrial leader with exceptional and trusted brands that serve a diverse array of global end markets.

    Headquartered in Milwaukee, we have been manufacturing products in America for 125 years, and our U.S. operations are home to more than half of our global workforce. Every day our 8,000 associates across the global work to satisfy customers and create long-term shareholder value.

    Our Process & Motion Control platform designs, manufactures, markets and services highly engineered mechanical components that help customers increase productivity and prevent downtime. Rexnord bearings, couplings and gears keep industry in motion – from power plants to mining operations. Our conveyer components help make everything from cars to food. And, Rexnord aerospace products can be found throughout aircraft from the engine to the landing gear.

  • Rhütten S.r.l.

    Rhütten is a company “Made in Italy” which has been producing detergents for the automobile, industrial, community, and laundry sectors for over 30 years.

  • Rivit s.r.l

    Rivit S.r.l. is a worldwide leading Company for the production and distribution of fasteners, fastening systems, tools and machines for the sheet metal assembling and deforming. Founded in 1973, today Rivit focuses its business on three main sectors: INDUSTRY – BUILDING – DEALERS.

  • Romeo Maestri

    Stitching systems.

    One hundred years of continuous activity aimed at seeking the best, trusting the people who work within the Company, of constant esteem and dialogue never interrupted with the customers.

  • Roverplastik

    Roverplastik was founded in 1965 by today’s President, Renato Festi, as a one man business. Today Roverplastik is recognized as a wide range manufacturer for the production of motorized roller blinds, roller blind boxes, motors for hung shutters, weatherstrips for wooden door and window frames, aluminium sections for waterdrip, PVC folding doors and RoverBlok, a special prefabricated counter-frame system for doors and Windows.

  • RR Italia

    Offer quality products that are innovative syn-thesis of technology, advanced design and high performance: this is the mission with which Italy RR combines constantly customers, raising the technical and quality standards of its hoses.

  • Samet

    Our story begins in 1955 in Romano d'Ezzelino (TV) with the production of stainless steel sinks and kitchen ovens, and continues until the 80s, giving the company success, development and a prominent position in the production of household appliances professional cut.

  • Samsung

    Samsung is a leader in digital technology, producing products for information technology, mobile devices and appliances.

  • Savio Thesan

    Savio is the European leader and foremost specialist in hardware for aluminium windows and doors. The company’s work in this field has always focused as much as possible on research and on quality. Its R&D department employs 51 experts, a lot when considering the size of the company and of the sector itself. By the same token, quality is guaranteed by a system of controls developed in-house to attain maximum selectivity and strictness.

  • Schlegel

    Schlegel International is the International Division of London quoted Tyman PLC, providing innovative and high quality engineered components for the fenestration industry.

    Schlegel International products are sold into residential and commercial applications all over the world under the Schlegel brand for sealing solutions to aluminium, PVCu and timber applications and the Giesse brand for hardware systems in aluminium doors and windows.

  • Securital s.r.l.

    For over 30 years Securital has been present on the national and international market with the sale of cylinders and locks for doors and furniture.
    The KYR program is 100% made in Brianza, a territory north of Milan, and therefore made in Italy.

  • Severin

    SEVERIN Elektrogeräte GmbH is a German home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Sundern, Germany.

  • SFS

    SFS ITALIA produces hinges for doors and windows and markets the special fastening systems produced by the SFS group.

  • Silmec S.r.l.

    SILMEC was founded in 1969 manufacturing grids and oven accessories. The experience gained in the manufacture of metal wire and sheet allowed, after some years, the production of letterboxes. . In 1975 the success is such as to require the opening of a specific department which has experienced a continuous growth trend over the years. The resourcefulness of Pellizzari family goes on with a series of investments to technologically adapt the plants, industrializing the production processes and organizing the various departments in a synergic way. Over the years, SILMEC has become an important economic reality in North-Eastern Italy with a strong leadership on post safekeeping and distribution, also thanks to the development of multiple letterboxes for flats and deposit boxes. No less important is the manufacture of oven and refrigerator grids, which also meets the quality standards required by major multinational companies.

  • Sir Safety System

    Sir Safety System, a cutting-edge Company that, thanks to its multinational approach, is determined to assume the role of leader in the work safety sector.

  • SIT Tecnospazzole

    SIT Tecnospazzole with over 50 years of experience offers a wide range of weld cleaning brushes and industrial wire brushes for the Pipeline/Oil&Gas industryUnpainting, descaling and removing burrs are operations where a brush performs very well but weld cleaning is “The” brushing operation.

  • Smeg

    Italian refrigerators, ovens, washing machines all Smeg appliances are the synthesis of technology, style and design.

  • Socim

    Import trading company for health and safety products.

  • Sol.Ve.T. S.r.l.

    Sol.Ve.T. has been working for over thirty years in the chemical sector as a producer of solvents, thinners and allied substances, that are intended for wholesalers and firms operating in mechanics, textiles, constructions, graphics and bodyworks sectors. Thanks to the quality of its products and to their constancy, the firm has been able to become an importante partner of multinational companies working in Italy in the fields of car-refinishing, coil-coating, lithographic and typographical printing, paints for industry and building, confirming so the validity of a way of working based on the research of the best product.

  • Stabilus

    As one of the world’s leading providers of gas springs, damping solutions and electromechanical POWERISE drives, Stabilus has demonstrated its expertise for eight decades in the automotive industry and a variety of other sectors. Gas springs, dampers and electromechanical drives from Stabilus optimize opening, closing, lifting, lowering as well as adjusting actions and protect against vibration. Employing more than 5,000 people worldwide, the company has its operational headquarters in Koblenz. 

  • Stafer

    Stafer was born in 1960 as a company specialized in iron accessories printing for wooden rolling shutter. 

    In 1970 the company start to produce the octagonal tube in galvanized iron as an alternative to the wooden tube, buying a roll forming machine. Stafer is one of the first company in the world who realized this product.  The expansion of the business in ‘70s allow to produce thousand of new products still available in the updated catalogue. These products allow Stafer to be appreciated all around the world for its quality.
    In ‘80s and ‘90s the company grow investing in new machinery and in the products quality improvement, considering the customer satisfaction as the primary target.
    In order to enrich its catalogue with motors for rolling shitter and sun-tent, Stafer funds Mover in 2003, previously located in Dolo (Venice), today included in Stafer’s buiding in Faenza.

  • Stubai

    The Stubai Valley has been a good ground for the metal processing for centuries. Since 1960, the cooperative network guarantees to forging under the name
    "Stubai tool industry" for quality.
    Mother of companies operating under the brand Stubai is the Stubai tool industry reg.Gen.m.b.H. , 21 companies belong to this association. Each of these companies is a specialist in a specific product category. The cooperative, as a strong roof, maintains the brand name, is responsible for marketing, sales and logistics. From the Stubai tool industry two subsidiaries emerged:
    STUBAI ZMV GmbH – Agency for Marketing and Sales & Stubai KSHB GmbH - Production.

  • Sugatsune

    The company’s success is based around attention to detail and consistent high quality, from the simplest hinge or catch to the most sophisticated damped lid stay or door mechanism.

    Customers have come to expect reliability and style. Many of the products are made from stainless steel or are designed for extreme conditions.

    It is for this reason that many Sugatsune products find themselves in harsh marine or manufacturing environments and are favourites within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

  • System Holz

    System Holz(Gruppo Pozzi) offers a wide range of standard furniture accessories, but also has much attention towards new design trends and has capability to develop specific and customized products. Founded in 1973, it was born as hinge manufacturer and is known on the market for the high quality level of its products as well as for its good customer service.

    With the passing of the time, the catalogue and the production have been enlarged with hinge models and types that can respond to the most exigent customer requests and the most demanding furniture applications. 
    Apart from the hinges, new lines of products are added to the company offer. The aluminium profile divisioni s born, where aluminium profiles for furniture are produced.

  • Taurus

    Taurus Group is a multi-local corporate group in expansion, comprising 16 brands.

    We specialise in household needs worldwide.
    We endeavour to make life more comfortable for people.

    We want to be by your side 24/7.

  • Telwin

    For over 50 years TELWIN has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of welding machines, cutting systems and battery chargers and starters. Telwin is present on all 5 continents, on over 120 markets with a range of products that, for variety and richness, has no equal on any market; products tailored to all production fields, from the automotive to industry, from the building sector to shipyards, from  all professional divisions to DiY.

  • Tesa

    Tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions (more than 7,000 products) for industrial and professional customers as well as end consumers. Since 2001, tesa SE (4,150 employees) has been a wholly owned affiliate of Beiersdorf AG (whose products include NIVEAEucerin, and La Prairie).

  • Texpack srl

    Texpack is a manufacturer of packings, tapes, twisted ropes, cloths and sleeves, for thermal insulation with static use and produces special packings and packings with dynamic use for pumps and valves. It produces and markets industrial gaskets of different types and sizes, offering a complete range of sealing systems and products for high temperatures, as well as a range of products for the maintenance of fireplaces and stoves dedicated to the consumer market.

  • Torneria in legno D'Angelo

    The D'Angelo wooden turnery was founded in 1960 by grandfather Francesco who created a small artisan shop for the production of wooden objects and household items.

    One of the first products created was the pastry cutter guitar and the famous "Rintrocioli" also known as pastry cutter rolling pin.

    Over the years, the small artisan shop expanded to become a family business enriched with modern and sophisticated equipment to be able to produce various items.

  • Tre Emme - Geko

    Products intended to be solutions to the common needs of consumers in the DIY sector in everyday life.

    We make the users of our products enthusiastic because we allow them to save money thanks to thermal insulation and thanks to all the products that facilitate common "do-it-yourself" jobs.


    Top of the category

    Tristar is well known for the international appreciation of its "Top of the range" products. This company excels at practical appliances that make life easier. In addition to good quality, simple functionality and local customer service, we create striking designs that reflect current product design trends.

  • Valenitalia s.r.l.

    Valenitalia manufactures over one million drawers per year.It is the leading European supplier of drawers in solid wood (mainly beech, oak, ash, walnut, pine) Its range of products includes also accessories for the kitchen, living, bed and bathroom areas.


    Drawers are the most effective way of storing things, and become even more functional if their inner spaces are organized with specialized accessories meant for :

    • Kitchen (cutlery trays, knife holders etc.)

    • Bathroom (holders, dividers etc.)

    • Day and Night (jewelry trays, tie racks, etc.)

  • Varec Chiusure Magnetiche S.R.L.

    Since nearly 50 years «Varec» is a leader in the field of magnetic locks.

    All these years have been dedicated to a constant research of new applications and to the continuous developments and improvements in the production. Our aim has always been to grant a higher qualitative standard by offering a wide product range. 

    Our acquired experience allowed us to carry out, besides a routine production (56 model in the catalogue also custom models so to meet and satisfy the most ambitious customers’ needs even for small series.

  • Virutex

    Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the woodworking machines and tools from Virutex have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability. The concern for quality begins right at the origin of a new Virutex machine.


    Company 3.0

    A history of over 70 years of activity makes Walmec one of the more long living companies, not only in the pressurized air scenario, but also in the whole national territory.
    This is source of great pride for us, because it show how far can a company go, if it puts customers’ satisfaction as its first goal. Behind all those years there the sacrifices of lot of people that have devoutly dedicated their time, passion, professionalism to our cause, there are ideas, chance but, above all, the strong will to never stop. Coming from all of us.

    Today we need to look further more than ever. Markets are growing, evolving, demanding. Companies have to satisfy all of the needs they dictate, needs that are not simply involving the creation of a new product or a fast service. Innovation, quality, promptness are just the basic requisite for a company that wants to survive in nowadays market.

    70 years old Walmec wants to amaze who believes that the productive future is only tied to certain areas by continuing to offer a 100% MADE IN ITALY product. Amaze who believes that manufacturing technologies are already established by investing and renewing its equipment with constantly more advanced CNC, automate and incredibly precise. Amaze who believes that you cannot go beyond some predetermined frameworks of products’ constructive nature by exploring unused and charming roads, made of hyper technological and super performing materials. To amaze is simply to think outside the box and to allow all the people that work with our products to find non just the quality, the price and the service that they righteously demand, but above all to try something completely unexpected, unthinkable, unpredictable.

    Walmec is ready for it and we are sure that we together will amaze.

  • WD-40

    The story of WD-40 began in 1953 in San Diego, California, in a small lab called Rocket Chemical.

    The small laboratory began experimenting with various formulas that could solve Nasa's problems. Attempts were numerous formulation and finally the 40th formulation was the winner, so WD-40 was born, the multifunctional lubricant became the reference point around the world.

    WD-40 has found numerous applications at the industrial level (aerospace, automotive, mechanical, agricultural, etc.), sports and domestic.

  • Welka

    For over 70 years, our company has been manufacturing and marketing safety locks and mechanical and electrical locking systems all over the world.

    Founded in 1946 by the Cattaneo family, Welka has passed on fundamental values such as reliability and trustworthiness from generation to generation.

    We have always considered the development of quality products to be a distinctive factor of our offer and an essential feature of Made in Italy.

  • Wolfcraft GmbH

    Wolfcraft GmbH was founded by Robert Wolff in 1949 and helped establish the do-it-yourself industry in Germany. It operates as a manufacturer and supplier of tools and electrical tool accessories. Hardware stores and specialist dealerships rank among its main customers. The company management is headquartered in Kempenich in the Eifel mountains. 


    WE DEVELOP AND PRODUCE TECHNICAL CLOTHING FOR PROFESSIONALS Work, thermal and compression socks; first layer trousers and jerseys for protection, comfort and thermoregulation of the body. Worik offers its customers technologically advanced and innovative products thanks to a high level of know-how in the technical wear area.



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