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23,77 € tax excl.
Couple of rackets  to the sea and beach Rackets in high-grade birch plywood Dimensions: 460mm X 225mm Thickness: 15 mm ASK HERE FOR YOUR CUSTOMIZATION!
32,70 € tax excl.
The set contains: 2.2 l helium disposable cylinder at 110 bar pressure, inflating valve, 30 balloons,made in natural rubber latex- 25 cm diameter each, 20 m balloons strings. ATTENTION: each helium gas cylinder (242...
7,21 € tax excl.
Miniature guitar made of beech wood, suitable for the fun of children or as a decorative item for your home. Including mini  rolling pin in beech wood(8 cm). ASK HERE FOR YOUR CUSTOMIZATION ! DIMENSIONS:...
4,02 € tax excl.
Spinning top in beech wood with metal tip and cord, handcrafted in Abruzzo according to high quality techniques. Fun and simple toy suitable for nostalgics of all ages Dimensions: Diameter: 7.0 cm Height: 9.0 cm
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