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20,85 € tax excl.
Koblenz Kubica series hinge for hinged doors in Zamak, with 5 fulcrums adjustable on 3 axes Load capacity: 45 Kg (2 hinges), 60 Kg (3 hinges)
0,03 € tax excl.
Screw flat head countersunk footprint Cross Z type for chipboard , hardened steel, galvanized white (CrVI-free) and waxed. The special PATENTED thread allows a faster, practical and safe clamping even in the toughest...
28,69 € tax excl.
Gas spring Stabilus 200-250-300-350-400-450-500-550-600-630 Newton for Effegi Brevetti, replacement for arm mechanisms for kitchen cabinet doors. Stem diameter 6 mm Stem length 7.6 cm Body diameter 15 mm Body...
11,72 € tax excl.
Tecnoinox cover with square handle, gray 7012 Size: Small 235 x 185 mm Medium 235 mm x 365 mm Big 315 x 365 mm -->SUBSTITUTE ARTICLE: TECNOKIT COVER
16,39 € tax excl.
Bucket parts for Tecnoinox bin, without lid Size: Small: 175 mm x 225 mm  Medium: 355 mm x 225 mm Big:  355 mm x 305 mm Heights Available 26 /30 cm
1,35 € tax excl.
Suitable for closing floor lock rods, with protective lock article 475 IBFM Measure = A A - internal hole diameter B - flange width C - well outside diameter A mm 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22...
2,50 € tax excl.
Measuring spaghetti made of beech wood, with four holes in which insert the spaghetti before cooking to establish the amount of pasta. Under each hole is shown the quantity for the number of people . ASK HERE FOR...
1,23 € tax excl.
Gasket by the meter in a plasticized PVC compound for wooden windows and doors with a soft back. Color: Beige - White - Brown Milled typology measures: A = 4 mm, B = 11 mm, C = 8 mm, D = 4 mm Measurements as per...
1,35 € tax excl.
Key with encryption from 1 to 12 - Patent for AGB door locks Finishes: Bronzed - Brass - Nickel plated
22,90 € tax excl.
The great cookbook that will teach you how to cook and use your Weber barbecue like you have never done ... Essential
8,11 € tax excl.
Features: Length: 15-18-19-22 mm Crown width: 35 mm Finish: Liquor Quantity per box:           2000 pieces of length 15 from to length 22 Compatible with: Atro, Senco, Prebena, Ober, Duo Fast, Makita,...
10,00 € tax excl.
Ferrari hinge for furniture with automatic Clip connection with Ø 35 mm hole suitable for wooden doors of different thickness, door opening up to 90-110 °Hinge with large opening for a maximum of 110 ° with base plate...
27,05 € tax excl.
D-rain è la nuova soglia per porte Domatic. Gli scarichi sfalsati per un migliore deflusso dell’acqua ne impediscono anche il ritorno verso l’interno a causa del vento. La presenza di due guarnizioni, una a...
4,43 € tax excl.
Plastic locker hake wardrobe for dressing room. Hake front platelet internal hole diameter: 11 mm Hake front platelet external hole diameter: 16 mm
22,13 € tax excl.
Snap closure mechanism with metal latch and opening lever. For doorways and walkways and attic ceilings. Plate 88x88 mm. Hole spacing 57 mm.
12,21 € tax excl.
Typical brings Arrosticini Pitcher small.Made of terracotta in Abruzzo. It allows to keep the arrosticini hot, that is to be eaten just after it has come out of charcoal cooking. Size: Diameter 12 cm Height 18 cm...
18,85 € tax excl.
Grey Gas spring Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 240 mm NEWTON: 200-250-300-320-350-380-400-420-450-480-500-530 Stem diameter 6 mm Stem length 11 cm Body diameter 15-15,6 mm Body length 13 cm Total length open 24 cm Hole...
13,03 € tax excl.
Lock with 3 closures and with hooks for bars. Measurement plate 207x20 mm Measurement striking plate 80x18 mm Measures looks image.
5,70 € tax excl.
Ratchet spring safety in tropicalized steelReplacement Accessory for folding tables in wood, beer tables, restaurants and wooden benches.
20,41 € tax excl.
Poldino Polpettino is the kitchen tool that allows you to prepare 70 meatballs with just one gesture. Recommended for meatballs and other types of dough, it can also be used with gnocchi, stuffoli, cicerchiate ... and...
8,03 € tax excl.
Concealed hinge for cabinets for open and overlapping doors. Load capacity up to 10.5kg with two hinges, 14kg with three, 19kg with 4. Opening angle up to 180 °, minimum door thickness 18mm, reversible for RH / LH...
0,82 € tax excl.
Strew honey dispenser made of beech wood, suitable to match to smaller jars and favors honey. ASK HERE FOR YOUR CUSTOMIZATION ! Available in 2 sizes: 8 cm Small 11,5 cm Large
10,57 € tax excl.
Push hook closure, pull opening, Grabber stop, side mounting, plastic material Increase the closing force of your doors with this compact latch, equipped with a spring-loaded latch and actuation over dead center....
18,44 € tax excl.
System Caimi Export 9400 17 Fastening system by quick coupling without screws. Adaptable to any thickness. It includes standard holes mm 32, diameter 8 mm and 5 mm on the top and bottom of the wardrobe. It...
81,72 € tax excl.
Impermeabilizzante per sigillature, 750% elasticità permanente, protezioni e riparazioni 100% impermeabili all'aria e all'acqua, adatto per applicazioni in interno ed esterno : impermeabilizzazione nei bagni,...
1,00 € tax excl.
Tape 4323 This slightly creped, multi-purpose masking tape comprises a natural rubber adhesive mass and is perfect for less challenging painting tasks (e.g. in terms of temperature resistance).  Main applications...
12,21 € tax excl.
High quality Argentine wood charcoal for home and/or professional use. Strong vegetable charcoal - Argentine origin.
3,80 € tax excl.
Universal Kyr lock, 90 ° rotation right Measurements: KYR 16.20 Ø 19x20 mmKYR 16.20A Ø 19x20 mm (with 37.5 mm lever)KYR 16.30 Ø 19x30 mm
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