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6,64 € tax excl.
Plastoelastic bituminous adhesive sealant for the repair of roofs, sheaths, balconies and for the insulation of chimneys etc. Suitable for bitumen, alkali and metals. It dries quickly, has a high thixotropy and can...
5,74 € tax excl.
Format from 440g, 1kg, 7 kg white. One-component adhesive sealant adhesive base consists of special polymer saponified, modified with special inert additives, ready to use. It has great resistance to atmospheric...
5,90 € tax excl.
Formats of 1lt, 5lt, 25lt Zetachem 97 PLUS is an acid descaler that removes any limescale residue from surfaces. Features Specific for the removal of efflorescence from terracotta, stoneware, natural stone,...
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