Varec Chiusure Magnetiche S.R.L.

Varec Chiusure Magnetiche S.R.L.

Since nearly 50 years «Varec» is a leader in the field of magnetic locks.

All these years have been dedicated to a constant research of new applications and to the continuous developments and improvements in the production. Our aim has always been to grant a higher qualitative standard by offering a wide product range. 

Our acquired experience allowed us to carry out, besides a routine production (56 model in the catalogue also custom models so to meet and satisfy the most ambitious customers’ needs even for small series.

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15,57 € tax excl.
Modello rotondo in esecuzione metallica con magnete corazzato a forte attrazione per attrezzature metalmeccaniche. Foro e svasatura centrale per il fissaggio. 
4,10 € tax excl.
Modello rotondo in esecuzione metallica con vite centrale e dado di fissaggio. Magnete permanente corazzato per arredamenti ed attrezzature metalliche.
5,90 € tax excl.
Round model in metal execution with various forces of attraction in relation to the needs of use. Adjustment and adjustment thread, nut and fixing ring nut. Particularly suitable for metal panels, drawer units,...
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