SIT Tecnospazzole

SIT Tecnospazzole

SIT Tecnospazzole with over 50 years of experience offers a wide range of weld cleaning brushes and industrial wire brushes for the Pipeline/Oil&Gas industryUnpainting, descaling and removing burrs are operations where a brush performs very well but weld cleaning is “The” brushing operation.

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73,77 € tax excl.
cylindric roller brush forb brushing machine Available in models : 1362 : Acciaio Ottonato , Ø 0,3 mm, S: 20, E: 100, F: 19+2ch 1370 : Nylon abrasivo Gr.80, Ø 1mm, S: 20, E: 70, F: 19+2ch
15,16 € tax excl.
The Clepsydra Wheel Drill Brush in crimped steel has a knurled shank 10x28 mm - 3/8 "x1-1/8" for excellent tightening. The shape serves as a guide for faster (1/3 of the time) and easier use. Cleaning and removing...
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