Petrochemical group with diversified production of lubricants, technical sprays, detergents, etc.

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3,70 € tax excl.
Acrylic enamel with special effects. Metric coverage: 2m2/400 ml spray. It resists temperatures of 90>110°C. Colors: Silver - Ducat gold - Pale rich gold - Copper Packaging: 400 ml
3,58 € tax excl.
High thickness acrylic enamel (from 25 to 50 microns) for ferrous surfaces. Metric coverage: 2m2/400 ml spray. It resists temperatures of 100>130°C. Colours: Graphite - Light Gray - Forge Grey Packaging: 400 ml
4,34 € tax excl.
Very pure lithium-based lubricant with penetrating, lubricating and anti-adhesive properties against dust. With LUBRICANT the bike chain will always be lubricated and clean. Packaging: 200 ml
4,51 € tax excl.
Eliminates limescale and oxidation on taps and bathroom ceramics. Cleans and polishes chrome, mirror stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze. Excellent as a shower cubicle cleaner-anti-fog. Packaging: 750 ml
2,37 € tax excl.
Acrylic paint that protects metal surfaces from oxidation and rust over time. It can be painted over with the original colours. Its coverage is guaranteed against atmospheric agents both indoors and outdoors. Metric...
4,51 € tax excl.
It guarantees perfect lubrication over time and anti-corrosion protection. It resists the washing action of even salt water. Perfect mechanical stability even in the presence of vibrations. Resists temperatures up to...
4,02 € tax excl.
Foam Cleaner is a practical spray cleaner that allows quick cleaning of any part of the bicycle, even without water. Great for cleaning: Metals Carbon Titanium Erasers Plastics Upholstery Packaging:...
4,92 € tax excl.
Lubricant for processes with possible food contact. Even on plastics. Meets the requirements of: European Pharmacopoeia (Food and Drug Administration) for accidental contact with food. Packaging: 400 ml
4,07 € tax excl.
Acrylic enamel with special metallic effects. Metric coverage: 2m2/400 ml spray. It resists temperatures of 100>120°C. Colors: Blue - Dark Blue - Gray - Black - Red - Green Packaging: 400 ml
3,19 € tax excl.
F4 is a multifunctional unlocker for multiple applications: Unlock Lubricates Cleans Protective Water repellent Anticorrosive Resistant to sea water too, lubricates ensuring excellent protection...
4,42 € tax excl.
Active against all types of grease and dirt on any surface, metal, plastic, including fabrics. Specific for Sneakers - Work clothing - Car interior fabrics and Alcantara - Rugs and carpets. Packaging: 750 ml
1,84 € tax excl.
Solvent-based permanent marker. Universal, can be used on any surface. Medium bullet tip. The fibers of the tip, which determines the quality, do not fray over time, keeping the line and writing softness unaltered and...
2,46 € tax excl.
Spray can for exteriors and interiors. Adheres to any surface and does NOT require primer. Quick-drying (within 10 minutes), it does NOT yellow, it guarantees high adhesion and high yield (2m2/400ml spray)....
4,84 € tax excl.
Based on micronized lamellar zinc powder over 98% pure and mixed with lamellar aluminum powder (to give the light color). It guarantees protection against corrosion and oxidation that lasts over time even in external...
5,00 € tax excl.
Excellent anti-squeak and anti-squeak effect. Excellent water-repellent protection on fabrics, including rubberized ones; antioxidant for metals and steels. Odorless and colorless. Meets the requirements of: European...
4,26 € tax excl.
Cleans, degreases and deoxidizes any electrical and electronic product such as: electrical panels, relays, contactors, terminal blocks, printed boards and integrated circuits. Great for potentiometers; the light...
3,25 € tax excl.
Tester for leaks in LPG, Methane, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, CO2, Helium, Argon systems, etc. It detects leaks even in high temperature pipes, both vertically and horizontally. Packaging: 400 ml
40,98 € tax excl.
Exceptional cleaning power. It can be used in every sector, for all degreasing operations. It is specific for extreme situations. Packaging: 5 kg   • POWERFUL – Also removes tar and asphalt encrustations •...
5,74 € tax excl.
Special acrylic-based paint for 360° markings. Usable in the construction field, in electrical and hydraulic plant engineering for tracing the subsequent positioning of pipes, ducts, cables. Fast drying, good...
2,37 € tax excl.
Transparent acrylic paint. Metric coverage: 2m2/400 ml spray. It resists temperatures of 100>120°C. Colors: Glossy - Matt - Satin Packaging: 400 ml
10,57 € tax excl.
Mineral emulsifiable oil with milky emulsion for all medium-duty machining processes involving chip removal. Prepared according to the most recent acquisitions of modern technology to satisfy the most advanced...
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Lubricates without staining and does not mix dust. Increases smoothness, eliminating friction. Repels moisture from any surface. It has multiple fields of application such as lubricating, protective or slipping. Meets...
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Specific for cutting, threading and tapping operations. Ensures continual lubrication if sprayed along the cutting wire. Applied to the surface, it remains adhesive to ensure heat dispersion and prevent the tool from...
8,73 € tax excl.
Composed of super refined WHOLE oils, oleins and special adhesives. Without solvents. For all situations where drilling, cutting, threading and tapping of metals are carried out. It disperses heat from the tool and...
Faren Art.01ME05 LOGIQ COOL EM universal emulsifier Faren Art.01ME05 LOGIQ COOL EM universal emulsifier
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Lubricant and Coolant which disperses in water creates a milky stable emulsion. Mineral base, ideal for medium works A base mineral, ideal for medium  duty-work on ferrous and not ferrous materials. Packaging: 5000 ml
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