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LISA s.r.l.

LISA s.r.l. is a company specialized in the processing of metal sheet. It produces and markets under its own brand a line of barbecues, skewers cookers and accessories.

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12,21 € tax excl.
Barbecue fork in stainless steel Aisi 304, thickness 2 mm, length 48.5 cm.
12,21 € tax excl.
Barbecue spatula in stainless steel Aisi 304, thickness 2 mm, length 48.5 cm.
19,59 € tax excl.
Barbecue tongs in stainless steel Aisi 304, thickness 2 mm, length 50 cm.
29,43 € tax excl.
Chimney ignition for coal with Nerone handle Fireplace ignites coal in aluminized iron. It has a square shape and a double handle. The perforated walls favor a constant passage of air that feeds the fireplace...
49,10 € tax excl.
Channel for arrosticini made of iron, quick assembly with the connection of the bayonet feet. Available sizes:80 cm100 cmGround clearance 79 cm
77,79 € tax excl.
Electric barbecue made entirely of stainless steel Aisi 430. Possibility of cooking also in closed spaces and thanks to the 1800 W electric resistance the meat will be cooked perfectly. Measures looks image. (cm)
1,56 € tax excl.
Light by rubbing the head of the firelighter on the rough band and place it under the wood or charcoal. Close the box before turning it on and scrub keeping it away from your body.
1,23 € tax excl.
Small board dimensions 19x26x26 mm. Duration 10 minutes. Place one or more parts of the small board on a brazier, in the fireplace or stove. Light with a match or lighter and then place wood or charcoal over the flame...
28,61 € tax excl.
The Skewer Cooker Kit is a practical, easy-to-assemble accessory that divides the cooking area by creating a small cavity, in the front, suitable for cooking skewers. The internal bulkhead prevents the fumes from the...
5,66 € tax excl.
The maxicubes are in porous fiber and have a size of 35x27x27 mm. Duration 16 minutes. Place a maxi-tube and light a corner with a match or lighter. Once lit, place the wood or coal on top of it, without smothering...
81,89 € tax excl.
Additional component for Etna and Etna Maxi barbecues for indirect cooking. Consisting of two elements: A lid with integrated thermometer to control the oven temperature and a handle embellished with an elegant...
36,07 € tax excl.
Kit suitable for Etna and Etna Maxi barbecues for cooking Picanha, the precious cut of Brazilian Churrasco. The bulkhead, made of AISI 430 stainless steel, protects the handle of the swords from excessive heat. The...
269,67 € tax excl.
A premium lightweight (5.6 Kg.) BBQ made from top quality materials that you can take easily anywhere you want.The minute you arrive at the scene you instantly can go ahead and prepare some awesome food on it. Unfold...
40,90 € tax excl.
the first 40 × 55 cm Food-grade Stainless Steel Chopping Board. It is a multifunctional top in AISI 304 stainless steel, the most suitable for use in the food sector. It has a refined design that makes the product...
45,08 € tax excl.
Fireplace lighter in stainless steel. Discover the simplicity of making burning coal effortlessly and in 15 minutes! Measurements as per pictures. (Cm)
65,49 € tax excl.
Grill for arrosticini entirely of stainless steel AISI 430. (50 cm) Product Dimensions 50 x 36 x 83 cm (80 cm) Product Dimensions 80 x 36 x 83 cm (120 cm) Product dimensions 120 x 36 x 83 cm (150 cm) Product...
4,84 € tax excl.
Wood wool firelighters are made up of 60% wood and 40% vegetable wax. Place and ignite the fire lighter with a match or a lighter. Place the wood or coal on top of the lighter, avoiding suffocating the flame.
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