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Tristar is well known for the international appreciation of its "Top of the range" products. This company excels at practical appliances that make life easier. In addition to good quality, simple functionality and local customer service, we create striking designs that reflect current product design trends.

48,28 € tax excl.
The Tristar FR-6989 Crispy Fryer uses high speed air convection which allows you to bake, fry, roast and grill without using oil. You can use the grill plate that can be adjusted in height for an extra crispy result....
52,38 € tax excl.
The Tristar FR-6994 Crispy Fryer XXL has a volume of no less than 4.5 litres. Therefore, the air fryer has enough capacity to make fries for the whole family in one batch. You do not have to add oil, which makes it...
36,89 € tax excl.
The Tristar FR-6946 deep fryer has a large capacity of 3 litres and the fryer will reach the desired temperature quickly thanks to 2000 Watt power. You can easily clean the fryer because you can disassemble it quickly...
20,49 € tax excl.
Stylish stainless steel deep fryer with a capacity of 3L. Thanks to the cool zone, food residues will not burn, so the frying fat stays clean longer and less odors are released during use. With its high power of 2000...
72,13 € tax excl.
Tristar OV-3622 Convection oven. The oven is suitable for baking, grilling and toasting. The oven is equipt with a 60 minute timer, baking tray, grill grid and convenient handle. This convection oven is perfect to use...
29,92 € tax excl.
The Tristar BP-2965 Griddle has a high power of 2000W with which the griddle quickly reaches the desired temperature. The thermostat allows you to set the right temperature for your requirements. Thanks to the...
18,44 € tax excl.
The Tristar BQ-2813 electric barbecue is perfect if you like cooking outside on a warm summer day but despise smoke clouds and waiting for charcoal to heat up. Thanks to the spacious grill rack of 38x22 cm you can...
64,67 € tax excl.
Are you a real home-baker and is some help in the kitchen more than welcome? Than the Tristar MX-4831 Food processor is ideal for you. This multifunctional food processor can knock, knead and mix thanks to the three...
34,43 € tax excl.
A delicious creamy layer of milk foam on your coffee, who doesn't want that? With the Tristar milk frother you can make this possible in no time. It is an electric milk frother with a capacity of 500 watts. Next to...
69,67 € tax excl.
The compact Tristar OV-3620 Toaster Oven with a 19 liter volume is perfect for small families and dorm rooms. You can grill, bake and toast in the Toaster Oven. The oven also has extra functionalities like a timer, a...
45,08 € tax excl.
Thanks to its compact size, this mini oven proves to be very useful. You can easily place it even in small spaces. From student accommodation to caravans to motorhomes. Despite its small size, the mini oven has a...
13,52 € tax excl.
The compact heater has an adjustable thermostat and 2 different settings. With the power of 400 W you don’t use too much energy and yet you will be finding yourself in a warm room within no time. The power indication...
Tristar AC-5531 Air conditioner Tristar AC-5531 Air conditioner
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250,00 € tax excl.
The Tristar AC-5531 Mobile Air Conditioner is efficient, mobile and easy to use. The cooling effect of this air conditioner can be felt immediately so the room will reach a comfortable temperature soon. You do not...
41,72 € tax excl.
The Tristar BP-2780 Griddle and Electric BBQ is a real asset to every household. The griddle is ideal to grill inside but also outside in the garden. With a baking surface of 37 x 25 cm , the griddle is ideal to...
11,39 € tax excl.
With the HD-2322 Hair dryer from Tristar, you can blow-dry your hair faster than ever before. The combination of power and speed enables you to dry and style your hair within minutes. The hair dryer has a power of...
17,95 € tax excl.
This functional mixer is equipped with a set of stainless steel dough hooks, a set of stainless steel whisks, 6 speed settings and a turbo function. With a capacity of 300 watts, the mixer is ideal for whipping cream...
58,93 € tax excl.
Stay cool on hot summer days with the Tristar Air Circulating Floor Fan. Thanks to its robust metal frame, the fan stands firmly on any type of floor. You'll get a powerful and refreshing airflow thanks to its 120W...
110,66 € tax excl.
From now on, you can always drink your favorite cold drinks at the right temperature with the Tristar beverage cooler. This compact beverage cooler holds up to eight glass or plastic bottles. Also perfect for a party:...
13,85 € tax excl.
You can make delicious smooth soups, fruit purees and smoothies with the handy Tristar MX-4825 Stick Blender. This easy to operate Stick Blender has a detachable stainless steel stick, which makes it easy to clean....
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