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14,75 € tax excl.
Bucket parts for Tecnoinox bin, without lid Size: Small: 175 mm x 225 mm  Medium: 355 mm x 225 mm Big:  355 mm x 305 mm Heights Available 26 /30 cm
16,48 € tax excl.
Bucket parts for Tecnoinox T2 bin, without lid Small: 198 mm x 264 mm  Height 26 cm Medium: 263 mm x 267 mm Height 26 cm
57,38 € tax excl.
Built-in rubbish bin, sliding on practical runners fixed to the base of the unit, it contains an ample 18 litre container. 
57,38 € tax excl.
Drawer kit with tray, a great Tecnoinox classic, has resting lids, bag holder frame and washable odor filter as standard. The buckets have dimensions compatible with all bags on the market. In the rear part there is...
204,92 € tax excl.
Removable dish drainer for base, its structure is entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, as is the Inoxmatic model dish drainer mounted on it which ensures great stability of the dishes and great load capacity....
11,48 € tax excl.
Features: Tecnokit filter in supermicrofibre Filter measures 4x14.5 cm Durable anti-odor action for approximately 3 months Regenerable for simple home washing Lasts approximately 20 washes Dishwasher, hand or...
89,34 € tax excl.
Arco can rest on worktops or shelves, designed in an attactive and ergonomic shape, it features steel and clear policarbonate sides. Arco is entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel. Arco is available in size...
135,25 € tax excl.
Dust-bin sliding body designed entirely in stainless steel, with closing to avoid leakage of unpleasant odors Capacity : 2 buckets: 10 + 10 l
184,43 € tax excl.
Dust-bin sliding body designed entirely in stainless steel, with the bucket 3 and is closed to prevent escape of unpleasant odors
102,46 € tax excl.
Cutlery drawer systemAvailable models:45 cm: cutlery50 cm: cutlery90 cm: cutlery + knife 120 cm: cutlery + knife Dustbin sliding recessed, it contains a large 18 liter bucket
102,46 € tax excl.
CHARACTERISTICST2is the new garbage collector, a modern and stylish way to organize the storage space under the kitchen sink. Quite stunning in design, the lids are made in stainless painted aluminum, hinged around...
66,39 € tax excl.
Characteristics: Tecnokit is not a simple waste bin, but a real complement to organize the space and the objects present in the sink. The painted aluminum lids hinged on the bag holder frame have a great aesthetic...
51,30 € tax excl.
Under-sink kit, handy accessory for the organization of space in the sink.
43,36 € tax excl.
Under-sink all in Front 15 is completely made in alumi - nium, it offers a big loading capacity, big storage space, and an extremely strong and stiff structure. The very easy and quick mounting is associated to the...
137,70 € tax excl.
Features: Maximum use of space and enormous storage capacity Base and lids made of anti-fingerprint polyester painted aluminium Lids with washable odor filter as standard and bag holder frames Plastic buckets...
214,75 € tax excl.
Tecnoinox Inoxmatic draining board for corner units. The Modular series comes from a totally innovative idea, an AISI 304 stainless steel drainingboard with supports in clear plastic that can be easily adjusted and...
115,44 € tax excl.
Drawer waste bin kit, Available with buckets, lid with hinge for 60, 75, 90, 105, 120 cm drawers (actual measurements minus 8.5cm) with a depth of 50cm (actual measurements minus 3cm). Available in versions: T3 - 60...
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