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4,86 € tax excl.
MILDEW REMOVER POWER FOAM FLACON  500 ML Air Max® Mildew Remover immediately destroys mould, algae and moss on walls, floors and sealing joints, both indoor and outdoor. The unique spray and foam combination makes...
8,32 € tax excl.
7,79 € tax excl.
Balcony shelf, equipped with two sturdy arms, easy to adjust. Structure and Sticks (wires) in silver anodized aluminum, it does not fear rust. With 3 sticks Ø 8 mm and length 56 cm Measures 60x26 cm PLASTIC...
8,93 € tax excl.
Balcony shelf, equipped with two sturdy arms, easy to adjust. Structure and Sticks (wires) in silver anodized aluminum, it does not fear rust. With 5 sticks Ø 8 mm and length 56 cm Measures 60x36 cm PLASTIC...
4,84 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 35 x 8 x 128Indoor broom with handle. The soft bristles, made with high quality materials, allow a use in maximum safety even on particularly delicate surfaces.
4,45 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Sanitizing Descaler is an extremely powerful and concentrated foam spray for easy removal of limescale (even stubborn). Fields of application Suitable for use in the bathroom, for shower stalls, tiles,...
4,20 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Sanitizing Bath is an extremely powerful and concentrated spray for easy cleaning of bathrooms and toilets. Fields of application - Suitable for use in bathrooms, especially for floors, shower...
6,12 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Super Forte Degreaser is an extremely powerful and concentrated foam spray, specially developed for cleaning barbecues, ovens and grills. Fields of application Suitable for cleaning barbecues, ovens...
2,87 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 10UP! holds the broom, in this way it can be stored comfortably standing together with the broom even in the tightest spaces.Up! it can be hooked and used with most of the brooms on the market,...
97,54 € tax excl.
Dimensions: box 53 x 28 x 80 Professional Double Capacity 30 L Pail. Equipped with handle and strong wheels for easy transport, includes mop lever and wringer for Mop Plier. Thanks to the high quality of...
16,31 € tax excl.
Kit of weed brushes UBS670 with telescopic handle UBS670-1 The weed brush easily and conveniently removes disturbing moss, grass and the uncontrolled growth of weed from sidewalks Scope of delivery: Telescope handle...
5,66 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 35 x 6 x from 85 to 141 Indoor broom with wide cleaning surface. Soft high quality bristles, suitable also for delicate surfaces. Telescopic handle adjustable for all users, that can be stored with...
20,49 € tax excl.
Concentrated degreaser for professional cleaning and removal of persistent grease from a wide range of kitchen surfaces: hoods, kitchens, tiles, glass, hobs, microwave ovens and stainless steel surfaces. 500 ml bottle.
5,37 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Stain Remover is a highly effective concentrated spray for easily removing even the most stubborn stains. Fields of application Suitable for fabrics and upholstery, carpets, furniture upholstery and...
3,31 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 400 gr Professional cotton mop for use with Mop Plier. It cleans thoroughly and wrings out easily. 400 gr. Easily machine washable can be reused over and over again keeping intact the high quality of...
6,20 € tax excl.
Handwashing cream with Vegetable Microspheres for professional use. Extreme cleaning strength, eliminates the smells Soft, smooth and polished hands ph 5.5 125 washes
6,67 € tax excl.
Fluid hand-washing paste for professional use and do-it-yourself. Cyclon Pasta Lavamani Fluida is available in three different formats: 250ml tube 500ml bottle 1000ml bottle Dispense the desired amount of...
2,84 € tax excl.
Cyclon Handwashing paste with lemon. Vigorously removes the most stubborn dirt from hands and resistant to normal soaps (fat motors, oil, naphtha, etc.).
6,67 € tax excl.
Cyclon Liquid lemon Handwashing . Thanks to its formulation, combines effective action of removing the most stubborn dirt, the delicacy on the hands. Very useful in the kitchen to remove from the hands unpleasant and...
4,84 € tax excl.
Cyclon Super Professional Degreaser . With the degreasing power of lemon is shown to effectively remove dirt and the most resistant fat from all types of surfaces and materials. Ideal for outdoor use, even for...
4,88 € tax excl.
Cyclon Super Ultra Fast Degreaser: rinsing with a single pass. It is suitable for daily cleaning of washable surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and all the interiors of the house. Rinse immediately without residue and...
5,33 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 84 Dustpan with rubber lip, solid metal handle and rear foot to hold the dustpan. The rubber lip adheres to the floor for perfect cleaning. The rear foot allows to hold the dustpan during cleaning.
5,66 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 90Folding garbage collector with rubber mustache, solid metal handle and rear foot for scooping. High quality design and materials. The hooking-unhooking system of the pallet allows an easy and...
11,89 € tax excl.
Protects your rooms, furniture and objects from unwanted dust and dirt during renovation work. Universal size for doors from 60 to 100 cm. Measurements: 0.1 mm, 2.1x1.1 meters
10,06 € tax excl.
Dimensions:for 2mt from 123 to 210 x diam 2.2-2.5for 3m from 172 to 300 x diam 2.2-2.5for 9mt from 274 to 900 x diam 2.2-2.5-2.8-3.2Extendable aluminum handle with thread and cone for tools and professional tools....
4,10 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 25 x 35 x 8Extra-strong steel shovel with plastic whisker to protect floors. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Hangable. Excellent quality materials and finishes, typical of all Apex cleaning products.
4,43 € tax excl.
Effective against all types of grease and dirt on any surface, metal, plastics, including fabrics. Specific to clean: Sneakers - Overhalls - Car fabric interiors - Carpets and rugs. Packaging: 750 ml
4,51 € tax excl.
Eliminates limescale and oxidation on bathroom taps and tiles. Cleans and polishes chrome, mirror finish stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze. Ideal to clean and demist shower enclosures. Packaging: 750 ml
4,75 € tax excl.
F200 is concentrated and completely resolves the problem without leaving any lime scale residue after treatment. It does not damage or deform plastic or rubber parts and components. Packaging: 1000 ml
6,49 € tax excl.
Natural desodorizer. It's a concentrated formula at neutral pH rich in natural extracts derived from plants, flowers and roots, completely harmless to people and animals. Eliminate any bad smell by contact from: Waste...
5,74 € tax excl.
Guarantees perfect cleaning and sanitization against the main bacteria in rooms with air conditioning. It lasts from a minimum of 10 up to 45 days. For civil air conditioners - automotive - filters and splits. It does...
6,49 € tax excl.
Formulated with enzymatic biological activators and desodorizers of vegetable nature (extracted from plants, roots, flowers) with a very high concentration for cleaning and reclamation of all drains, pipes, septic and...
2,79 € tax excl.
White cream paste handwash for professional use. Specific for heavily soiled hands. TWO products in ONE: Exceptional Handwash + Protective cream. With selected abrasives that do not clog drains. Scented with pH 8.5 ....
2,13 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 120 x diam 2.1Fixed chromed metal handle for brooms, mops and tools. Elegant design in chromed metal and black details. Product quality is guaranteed by Apex experience and competence
4,09 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 165 gr - 38 cm High quality floor mop, with double fringes 100% microfibre. High cleaning power;  it removes and traps stubborn dirt. Ideal for delicate surfaces even without detergents, perfect for...
2,45 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 200 gr - 28 cm Floor mop with cotton fibres head. High quality materials, Maximum resistance; Girello Cotton deeply cleans all types of floor, indoor and outdoor. The thread fits broom handles. Easily...
16,31 € tax excl.
Ashtray to be fixed to the outside wall of offices, institutions and businesses to avoid the dirt of cigarette butts on the ground.The special joint allows, with a simple movement, to empty the cup leaving your hands...
16,31 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 95 x 20 x 8Replacement pads for Scissor Broom. Made of sturdy and resistant metal, they guarantee long life and high level performance at every use.
3,20 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 24 x 37 x 8Galvanized metal scoop. Super resistant and suitable for outdoor use, it guarantees maximum performance and long life. The quality of the materials guarantees long life and excellent performance...
12,21 € tax excl.
Forte version of Gladio gel, more practical for large surfaces or for applications on vertical surfaces. This version is more energetic than the previous one, it acts in depth on porous supports (walls, wood) and is...
12,21 € tax excl.
Concentrated farewell cleaner impossible spotsAdjuvant to detergency for the removal of paint, glue, grease, oil, fresh silicone, adhesive labels, writings of felt-tip pen and spray cans, from glass, cement, marble,...
12,21 € tax excl.
SUPER REMOVAL OF STICKERSTo effortlessly remove any kind of label, decal or any other type of adhesive without the risk of irreparably scratching the support. Without difficulty it eliminates traces of glue, tar,...
3,52 € tax excl.
Natural antibacterial hand sanitizer. Thanks to its special formulation it is used without the need for wipes or water.
13,85 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 140 x diam 2.2Replacement handles for Scissor Broom easily replaceable.For professional industrial cleaning, ideal for large surfaces.140 cm iron handle - PVC knobs
3,53 € tax excl.
Citrosil Home Protection Disinfectant Spray eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from all furnishing fabrics and surfaces that are difficult to wash. Thanks to its fine nebulization it acts in a single...
2,00 € tax excl.
Citrosil Home Protection Flooring disinfectant eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, removes dirt deeply and makes surfaces shine. Furthermore, thanks to the essences of vegetable origin, it leaves a fresh...
4,10 € tax excl.
The magnetic broom holder allows you to place the broom on any support, thanks to the supplied disk or directly on all ferrous metal supports. Suitable for handles diameter 21-22 mm, magnetic pull 4,6 Kg. Different...
9,25 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 60 x 13 x 7 + fringes Professional cotton floor mop. Cotton fringes attracts and hold dirt, dust and hair from all kind of floor. Twisted head for hard-to-reach places. Cotton head is easily removable and...
10,64 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 80 x 13 x 7 + fringes Professional cotton floor mop. Cotton fringes attracts and hold dirt, dust and hair from all kind of floor. Twisted head for hard-to-reach places. Cotton head is easily removable and...
1,90 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 20x6x4 cmReplacement mini sponge for glass. Replacement sponge, ideal for deep cleaning of surfaces, even the most delicate.
2,46 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 5 Mop Plier for Professional Cotton Mop. Maximum performance and long life time thanks to the high quality of the materials.
1,91 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 36 x 8 x 12Outdoor broom with sturdy bristles. Ideal for any type of surface, even rough, this product guarantees long life and the best resistance to daily stresses.
6,61 € tax excl.
Dimensions: 45 x 7 x 18 Professional Plastic Floor Squeegee with double rubber for faster cleaning. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Resistant and light product, fits handles with hole. The high quality...
4,45 € tax excl.
Bostik Puli-Pro Disgorgante Gel is an extremely powerful and effective drainage gel that effortlessly dissolves grease, food scraps and hair. Fields of application Suitable for a variety of drains in the kitchen and...
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