"Our success is based on innovation. That was the case in 1922, when we developed hand-controlled tools powered by stationary electric motors through flexible shafts. It did not change in 1954, when we launched the first high-speed angle grinder, the DL 9 - inventing “FLEXing” in the process...."


Metal treatment

The tops in whatever discipline.
The FLEX programme for professional metal surface finishing.

FLEX has probably the most extensive range of tools for the metal surface finishing professionals. The range stretches from universal products such as angle and straight grinders through to band and circular saws and to a host of specialities such as burnishing machines and tube belt grinders. Metalwork shops, fitters’ workshops and railing constructors, for instance, can always rely on FLEX.

Renovation and modernization

Everything covered.
The FLEX programme for all professional burnishing, 
renovating and modernising work.

Whether it is a matter of preparing bases,chiselling work to remove plaster or masonry or drilling holes for anchoring systems - the precision, dependability and handling of professionals never fails to impress. And it is quite obvious that this is admirably true for their tools and accessories. At FLEX each is a master of his particular field - from the wall and ceiling sanders through to mixers and mobile vacuum cleaners.


Dazzling presentations.
The FLEX programme for professional paint surface finishing. 

Perfect surface quality stems from high-grade tools specially designed for low speeds and high torques. That is why professionals in body shops, garages and car dealers as well as car enthusiasts have full confidence in FLEX. After all, by using our polishers and optimally adapted polishing accessories they are the masters in bringing that degree of care to both paint preparation and paint finishing.

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149,00 € tax excl.
Particularly suitable for universal machining of steel and metal, bodywork and mechanical carpentry. Microprocessor for the progressive start of the machine, lock against starting after power failure, temperature...
261,00 € tax excl.
Microprocessor for progressive machine start-up, block against starting after power failure, peak current limitation for safe starting without current overload, electronic feedback. Equipped with a mechanical brake,...
483,61 € tax excl.
Aspiratore di sicurezza con funzione pulizia filtro automatica, 43 l, classe L
245,08 € tax excl.
Serbatoio d'acqua a pressione da 10 lt, pressione d'esercizio 6 bar
564,75 € tax excl.
GE 5 + SH  Kit Giraffe wall and ceiling sander  VV electronic control: controlled constant speed, soft-start, overload protection and speed selection with adjuster wheel Measures looks image.
1.099,00 € tax excl.
Set consisting of: Giraffe wall and ceiling sander GE 7 Handy-Giraffe GCE 6-EC Rotary sanding head with edge segment MH-R D225 Clip-on quick clamping ring red SH-FC 32 Antistatic suction hose with auxiliary air...
Flex SFE 8-2 115 flat-head sander 800 watt Flex SFE 8-2 115 flat-head sander 800 watt
Out-of-StockSold out
478,69 € tax excl.
Flat-head sander SFE 8-2 115 VE electronic control: with infinitely adjustable speed control. Ideally suited to confined spaces from 15 mm gap width, e.g. window shutters, that are inaccessible with conventional...
Flex L1503 sander Flex L1503 sander
Out-of-StockSold out
324,59 € tax excl.
Lucidatrice classica con calotta di presa
Flex ST110 electric straight grinder Flex ST110 electric straight grinder
Out-of-StockSold out
515,57 € tax excl.
Smerigliatrice rettilinea a dito, con preselezione continua del numero delle corse mediante rotella di regolazione
Flex WSE500 giraffe sander Flex WSE500 giraffe sander
Out-of-StockSold out
635,00 € tax excl.
Levigatrice giraffa indicata per la levigatura di pannelli in cartongesso e termoisolanti e per la preparazione ai lavori di verniciatura e lucidatura.
TRINOXFLEX BSE 14-3 100 satin finishing machine 433.411 TRINOXFLEX BSE 14-3 100 satin finishing machine 433.411
Out-of-StockSold out
454,92 € tax excl.
Technical attributes -Power absorbed 1400 watts - Power output 880 watts -Max. Tool Ø 125 mm -Tool width 100 mm -Tool attachment 19 mm -Number of idle revolutions 1000-3500 / min. -Cable length 4.0 mt....
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